Lost Girl review – 4×11: ‘End Of A Line’

Bo (Anna Silk)

Zombies have risen, which requires a day trip to find out who’s controlling them. Meanwhile family is very much a topic of conversation, but looks like one couple may never get the chance to start their own. Major character death Continue reading

Lost Girl review – 4×07: ‘La Fae Époque’

Trick (Rick Howlands) assumes the mantle of the Ash in 'La Fae Époque'

Bo (Anna Silk) astral projects in Dyson’s (Kris Holden-Ried) memories after he is charged with murder and sentenced to death by the Una Mens. So what does Bo discover during her adventure in his nineteenth century lived experiences? Let’s bitch Continue reading

Lost Girl review – 4×06: ‘Of All The Gin Joints’

The Dhal is taken hostage (again)

A runaway Russian songbird may hold the key to Bo’s (Anna Silk) missing memories. The problem is that warring factions each want a piece of the opera singer, which means the Dark Succubus has her work cut out for her Continue reading

Lost Girl review – 4×01: ‘In Memoriam’

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Dyson (Kris Holden Ried) open something they shouldn't in the season four premiere of Lost Girl

After what feels like forever, Lost Girl returns to debut season four. And just in case you can’t remember where we last left off in the S3 finale, you’re in luck because none of the characters do, either! Let’s bitch Continue reading