Revenge review – 3×22: ‘Execution’


Well smack me in the face with a shovel and institutionalize me! That was a mother effin’ season finale. Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×20: ‘Revolution’


REVENGE ups the ante as it powers towards its third season finale. The death toll is rising and Emily (Emily VanCamp) is considering Golden Girl aliases. Sh*t just got real. Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×19: ‘Allegiance’


Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) latest plan may have just tipped off her agenda to her greatest enemy. Meanwhile the junior Graysons make a play against Nolan (Gabriel Mann). Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×18: ‘Blood’


Everyone is getting into the REVENGE! business as the Graysons step up their efforts to take out their competitors. I sense a ranking list ahead. Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×17: ‘Addiction’

Holy big hair

Pascal, Pascal, Pascal! It’s all about Pascal (Olivier Martinez) as Revenge continues its third season. Unfortunately last week’s problems still apply. Let’s bitch it out… Does anyone remember when Revenge used to be fun? Like, “I can’t wait to see what happens Continue reading

Revenge review – 3×16: ‘Disgrace’

'Get your hand off my shoulder, beyotch' Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) are at it again in 'Disgrace'

Daddy’s here! The notorious Pascal LeMarchal (Olivier Martinez) has come to the Hamptons to play, which means it’s time for an over the top theatrical performance! Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×15: ‘Struggle’


A blah episode lays the groundwork to exit two recurring male guest stars  as Emily (Emily VanCamp) deals with her repressed memories. Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×14: ‘Payback’

Meet the first Mrs. Grayson

She’s baaaaack. After a few months off for the Olympics and some other crappy ABC scheduling, Emily (Emily VanCamp) is back to kick butt…provided the blackouts don’t kill her first. Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×13: ‘Hatred’

Emily (Emily VanCamp) calls in reinforcements to get Sara (Annabelle X) away from husband Daniel (Josh Bowman)

Daniel (Josh Bowman) is stepping out on his faux-marriage and Emily (Emily VanCamp) is having none of it. You know what this means: it’s an all out husband vs wife war! Let’s bitch it out…