Teen Wolf review – 4×09: ‘Perishable’


The Benefactor steps up their game by making the deadpool public as the crew races to discover how Lydia’s (Holland Roden) grandmother is connected. Let’s bitch it out…

Teen Wolf review – 4×08: ‘Time Of Death’


After a few weeks off, we’re back to regular coverage of Teen Wolf as the gang cooks up a plan to ensnare the Benefactor by killing Scott (Tyler Posey). Let’s bitch it out…

Teen Wolf review – 4×05: ‘I.E.D.’


The Beacon Hill Scoobies try to control the new Beta while uncovering the identity of the assassins targeting supernatural creatures. Easier said than done. Let’s bitch it out…

Teen Wolf review – 4×04: ‘The Benefactor’


It’s party time as wolf newbies learn to manage their full moon impulses. Meanwhile, the plans of an unknown baddie are revealed. Let’s bitch it out…

Teen Wolf review – 4×01: ‘The Dark Moon’


MTV’s Teen Wolf returns after what feels like a brief hiatus to begin its fourth season – minus a few key players. How does the show hold up? Let’s bitch it out…

Watch With Us: June 2014

June 2014

With the dregs of the traditional TV season in the rearview mirror, it’s officially time to settle in for the summer schedule. Will you watch with us?