Fringe recap – 4×16: ‘Nothing As It Seems’

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Fringe takes us down memory lane with another solidly entertaining episode this week. Our Olivia’s (Anna Torv) memories are back, leaving her in blissful romance with Peter (Joshua Jackson) but what about the rest of the Fringe team? And what Continue reading

Awake recap – 1×05: ‘Oregon’

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After last week’s iffy episode, it pleases me to no end to see Awake rebound to heights unseen since its pilot as ‘Oregon’ proves to be quietly emotional. Oh sure, the police procedural component is familiar, but it is also Continue reading

The Secret Circle recap – 1×18: ‘Sacrifice’

Courtesy of The CW courtesy of Chevronone

So…where the hell did that come?! All of the sudden The Secret Circle explodes with an episode that’s humourous, well paced, full of thrilling “spell” sequences and reveals. What happened to my baby?! Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

Happy Endings recap – 2×20: ‘Big White Lies’

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Jane (Eliza Coupe) is pregnant, Dave (Zachary Knighton) is dying, Penny (Casey Wilson) has some sort of foot fungus and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) is a lesbian. Now before you start asking where Fauxlivia is, it’s just another episode of Happy Continue reading

Justified recap – 3×11: ‘Measures’

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With only a few episodes left, Justified moves back into “chess” mode as our various players are moved around the board in anticipation of the upcoming season finale. Interestingly, however, new alliances have begun to emerge that will make or break Continue reading

Ringer recap – 1×19: ‘Let’s Kill Bridget!’

Courtesy of The CW via Ksite TV

Ohmygawd y’all! With only a few episodes left, Ringer begins to wrap up some of its storylines, including ones that are stale and boring (Machado! Bodaway!) and tasty fresh (Tyler’s murder! Catherine!). Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

Smash recap – 1×08: ‘The Coup’

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There’s a benefit to recapping a show a bit late: you get a taste of what to expect from the reactions of others. To say that the reaction to ‘The Coup,’ the eighth episode of NBC’s Smash, is critical is Continue reading

Alcatraz Catch-up and Recap: 1×13 – ‘Tommy Madsen’

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Alcatraz closed its first season last night. For those who don’t know, I started to recap the show and was about five episodes in when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, and jumped off the Alcatraz ship. After catching Continue reading

Lost Girl recap – 1×11: ‘Faetal Justice’

Courtesy of Syfy / Showcase

After last week’s “double your succubus, double your fun” episode, I am flying high and ready for the latest adventure of Bo (Anna Silk), Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried). Alas, the show falters as it begins to establish Continue reading