The Crazy Ones review – 1×08: ‘The Stan Wood Account’


After calling out The Crazy Ones last week for unfunny jokes and lame story lines did they come back this week with a vengeance? Well one things for sure, they came back. And they brought Brad Garrett along for the Continue reading

The Crazy Ones review – 1×07: ‘Sidney, Australia’


Sidney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has another blast from the past when an old coworker shows up to declare his love…or his obsession? Meanwhile, Simon (Robin Williams) works his hardest to land an account from two Australians. But the big mystery Continue reading

The Crazy Ones review – 1×06: ‘Hugging The Now’


This week we focus on Simon (Robin Williams) and Sidney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) as they both deal with insecurity issues and amazingly they both come out of it losers. But hey, they’ve got each other. Let’s bitch… Like this:Like Loading…

The Crazy Ones review – 1×05: ‘She’s So European’

This week things get awkward and tense as Simon (Robin Williams), Zach (James Wolk) and Sidney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) fight for the attention of a client – and this ain’t about the account. Also, Andrew (Hamish Linklater) runs his own Continue reading

The Crazy Ones review – 1×04: ‘Breakfast Burrito Club’


This week we get treated to another “campaign of the week” as the group rallies to come up with an brilliant idea at the last minute. This is starting to feel overly familiar. Meanwhile Andrew (Hamish Linklater) and Zach (James Continue reading

The Crazy Ones review – 1×03: ‘Bad Dad’


This week on The Crazy Ones we relive some childhood memories courtesy of Sidney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Simon (Robin Williams). Of course there’s nothing like nostalgia to sweeten those traumatic moments. Meanwhile, in the office we learn that Andrew (Hamish Continue reading

The Crazy Ones review – 1×02: ‘The Spectacular’

A spectacular fail

It’s tough to judge a show from its pilot. They’re shot months before the season starts in order to sell the series to the networks and they have to introduce the basic premise of the show while getting us invested Continue reading

The Crazy Ones review – 1×01: ‘Pilot’


Last night on The Crazy Ones we had the triumphant return of Robin Williams to network television after over 30 years, or at least that’s what CBS wants you to believe (and with those ratings they’re kind of on the Continue reading

Smash review – 2×16 / 2×17: ‘The Nominations’ / ‘The Tonys’

Courtesy of NBC

‘Give em that big finish, and they’ll forget what came before.‘ At least that’s what one hopes will happen. And in the case of the series finale of the once lauded, then panned, Smash, it certainly seems to be the Continue reading

Smash review – 2×15: ‘The Transfer’

This week, Derek (Jack Davenport) goes from gross to pathetic and Tom (Christian Borle) and Julia (Debra Messing) say one final farewell. As Hit List transfers to Broadway it brings about some new drama, while the team from Bombshell try Continue reading