Ringer recap – 1×10: ‘That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me’

Well, that was…something. After 10 episodes of varying quality, we come to the (more or less) half-way point of the season. On the eve of the holiday break, you hope your favourite shows will break out the big reveals, epic Continue reading

Being Erica Recap – 4×09 ‘Erica’s Adventures in Wonderland’

Courtesy of CBC

It’s time to start the countdown folks. With only three more episodes to go in the series, this week’s episode of Being Erica attempts to clean up the sloppy mess the show has created for itself for the better part Continue reading

Homeland recap – 1×09: ‘Crossfire’

Courtesy of Showtime

With this episode we move into the third act of the season’s best new show and go flashback heavy into Brody’s (Damian Lewis) time in captivity. Meanwhile Carrie (Claire Danes) flirts with a career in conflict management as she attempts Continue reading

He Said/She Said – The Walking Dead recap – 2×07: ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’

Courtesy of AMC

Well, that’s that. The Walking Dead is done for 2011 and will remain off the air for 2 months (returning February 2012). And here at bitchstolemyremote, we’ve got to tell you: it’s going to be a long wait. Like this:Like Continue reading

Once Upon A Time recap – 1×05: ‘That Still Small Voice’

Courtesy of ABC

With the end of our beloved The Walking Dead until February (sob), Sunday night opens up a bit here at bitchstolemyremote. As such, let’s lighten the mood a tad with some family fare courtesy of new hit Once Upon A Continue reading

Happy Endings recap – 02×08: ‘Full Court Dress’


Ok so let’s just get this out in the open and not dance around the subject, this week’s episode was pretty lackluster. And by lackluster I mean probably the worst of this season. Coming off of last week’s classic episode Continue reading

Revenge recap – 1×09: ‘Suspicion’

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The gloves came off in this week’s Revenge as two principal antagonists solidified their status as threats to Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) scheme of REVENGE. At this point it seems to me that Tyler (Ashton Holmes) is a bigger villain than Continue reading

Homeland recap – 1×08: ‘Achilles Heel’

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Last week’s episode of Homeland was off the chart epic. It was easily one of my favourite hours of television this year and will likely secure the show a place on my ‘best of’ list (coming in late December/early January). Continue reading

The Walking Dead recap – 2×06: ‘Secrets’

Courtesy of AMC

Last week’s episode ‘Chupacabra’ was a standout episode because it delved heavily into Daryl (Norman Reedus), but TVangie and I had issues with the secondary storylines, particularly Glenn’s (Steven Yuen) and Andrea’s (Laurie Holden). This week focused on both of Continue reading

Fringe recap: 4×07 – ‘Wallflower’

Courtesy of Fox via EntertainmentAlley

This week marked the fall finale of Fringe as it takes another hiatus until the new year. Plagued by mediocre ratings, and slow narrative progress, perhaps another long break isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Viewers need to get re-energized, and Continue reading