The Originals review – 2×04: ‘Live and Let Die’


In an otherwise dark episode, some genuine sexual tension brings a smile to this reviewer. But did they follow through on that tension or leave us hanging once again? Let’s bitch it out…

The Originals review – 2×03: ‘Every Mother’s Son’

Every Mother's Son

With more flashbacks to happier times, the Mikaelsons are reunited in the present to finally learn the original witch’s plan for her children. What does she have in store for them? Let’s bitch it out…

The Originals review – 2×02: ‘Alive and Kicking’

With a fast paced second episode of the season, The Originals comes back strong. Secrets are revealed quickly, and sides are being chosen. What does that mean for the original brothers? Let’s bitch it out…

The Originals review – 2×01: ‘Rebirth’

The season opener begins a little slow, but picks up steam with a well executed plan against the enemies of The Originals. What’s in store for our main characters this season? Let’s bitch it out…

24: Live Another Day review – 1×12: ’10:00pm – 11:00am’

unnamed (3)

Season finales are always bittersweet. 24 season finales are no different. But a 24 season finale that could be another series finale? Well that’s a tough pill to swallow. Let’s bitch it out…

24: Live Another Day review – 1×09: ‘7:00pm – 8:00pm’

unnamed (1)

In true 24 style, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) saves the day once again. Beloved characters brought back from the dead, terrorists meeting their maker and action that is fit for the big screen. But where does that leave us for the Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries review- 5×22: ‘Home’


One thing I cannot deny about The Vampire Diaires: boy do they know how to do a season finale cliffhanger. So is this the end for two of our main characters? Let’s bitch it out…

The Originals review- 1×22: ‘From a Cradle to a Grave’


There is no shortage of strong, scorned women on The Originals. So how does it play out when these scorned women are pushed to the edge? Let’s bitch it out..

The Vampire Diaries review- 5×21: ‘Promised Land’

Promised Land

If Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) is our last hope, then Mystic Falls and the Salvatore house will soon be home to the Travellers. What will become of our gang of misfits if all their fates are resting in the hands Continue reading

The Originals review – 1×21: ‘The Battle of New Orleans’

The Battle of New Orleans

The Originals delivers its first real cliffhanger in a long time as we are left wondering how this will all come together in the season finale next week. Where does this leave us? Let’s bitch it out…