Lost Girl review – 2×15: ‘Table For Fae’

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After a monumental bore of an episode last week, Lost Girl tries, tries again. Does the latest episode succeed in delivering the goods?

Let’s bitch it out…

‘Table For Fae’ is an interesting piece. As far as episodes go, it’s a toss-up: fairly standard case-of-the-week (involving a rejuvenation treatment that – naturally – requires sucking the youth out of unwilling donors) and although it’s familiar, it’s entertaining. As far as mythology goes, the same story applies since there’s very little development on the war against the Garuda aside from Trick’s (Rick Howland) claim that he and Bo (Anna Silk) keep an eye on strange cases. And Dyson’s (Kris Holden-Ried) rhoid rage B-subplot is a big snooze – predictable, bland and uninteresting.

But then there’s Ryan Lambert (Anthony Lemke). Last week his presence felt like a desperate ploy to fill the void in Bo’s love life after the end of her relationships with Dyson and Lauren (a referenced, but unseen Zoie Palmer). This week, however, Lambert plays an integral role in both of the interesting storylines and – more importantly – finally calls Bo on her BS waffling between the two Fae sides.

I’m not going to lie, I practically did a slow clap at episode’s end when Lambert turns the tables on Bo after she confronts him about selling Kenzi’s (Ksenia Solo) BF, Nate (Aaron Ashmore) to the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier). I figured the show would side with Bo and Kenzi and that would be the end of Lambert. Instead, the Dark Fae lover confronts Bo about her seeming allegiance to the Light Fae (assuming that they’re ‘good’ and the Dark Fae are ‘bad’) and that Light Fae agents are often just as bad as Dark when it comes to treating humans like property. It’s like he freakin’ read my mind!

Courtesy of Syfy / Showcase

Aside from Lambert’s decision to sic the Morrigan on Nate, he also factors into the case of the week. Although ‘Table For Fae’ is nowhere near as dull as 2×07 ‘Fae Gone Wild”, there are very few surprises in store here. In fact, the entire case seems engineered to a) occupy Bo so that she is prevented from going to Nappa or interferring with the Nate/Morrigan transaction and b) reveal that Lambert is “bad” because he doesn’t care about punishing the Serket sisters for their rejuvenation scheme.

The messaging behind the resolution seemed mighty confused to me: Bo talks the quiet, shy, used sister Lana (Lyndie Greenwood) in killing her more assertive, dominant, controlling sister, Hessa (Genelle Williams). Um yay? I get that Bo is a champion for the weak, but shouldn’t she have encouraged Lana to stand up to her sister instead of committing murder? It’s a little strange that the show expects us to celebrate the murder of a character, even if she is evil. While Bo’s acceptance of Lambert’s suggestion that she open herself to both Fae sides is visually represented in the threesome that closes the episode, what are we to make of the fact that the show clearly celebrates the murder of a Dark Fae? In doing so Lost Girl once again sides with the Light Fae side, even if Bo herself is more ambivalent. It’s a strange morally righteous take that I’d still like to see the show address: if we’re not meant to associate the different Fae will easy qualifiers like “good” and “evil”, then why is the Light Fae more heavily favored by Lost Girl‘s creators?

Other Observations:

  • Is Lambert really so out of touch with how the 99% live that he doesn’t anticipate grossing out / pissing off Kenzi and Nate with his food order at the restaurant? I think he’s a little misinformed, but that he’s also messing with them. He is a bit of a rogue, after all
  • Kenzi’s debt for rescuing Nate: she now owes a favour to the Morrigan. Clearly this is bad news and the favour will be called in at at the worst possible time. Any idea what kind of dramatic impact this will have? And do you want to bet your shirt that this doesn’t come into effect until the season finale?
  • Anyone else feeling sorry for KC Collins for once again getting stuck with the sh*tty B-plot? His agent needs to sex up the producers more because he gets a raw deal on this show all the time
  • Finally, I suppose this is where we should take a moment to reflect on Bo’s complete non-reaction to the news that Lachlan (Vincent Walsh) imprisoned Lauren a few episodes back…unless I’m mistaken this should have been news to her, no? Gotta say, I was expecting more fireworks, but hey, when there’s a hot threesome waiting, why feel indignant about a friend’s subterranean imprisonment, amiright?

What do you think, Lost Girl fans? This is a step up from last week, right, but do you feel frustrating with the lack of development on the Garuda front? Are you still interested in Lambert and Bo? How deep is Kenzi in now? And would you like to rejuvenate your look at the expense of a few young backpackers? Hit the comments below with your two cents

Lost Girl airs Fridays at 10pm EST on Syfy

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