True Blood review – 6×10: ‘Radioactive’

Sam (Sam Trammell) is now Mayor of Bon Temps after a six month time jump in 'Radioactive'

After a few so-so seasons, True Blood pulls off a shocker of a season finale that delivers on the show’s promise of a return to basics. Wow, do we ever have a lot to talk about! Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 6×09: ‘Life Matters’

Sookie (Anna Paquin) prepares for the afterlife by attending a funeral in True Blood 6x09

True Blood uses its penultimate episode of the season to definitively wrap up two storylines: Terry’s (Todd Lowe) life and the end of Vamp Camp. Plus: another death for good measure. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 6×08: ‘Dead Meat’

Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) goes crazy on Spokesbitch Suzuki in True Blood 6x08

There’s a lot of talk about God in ‘Dead Meat’, but of all the religious references/expletives, only one involved murder with a high-heel shoe. Oh Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), how you make my week. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 6×07: ‘In The Evening’

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) grives the death of his sister in the latest episode of True Blood

True Blood races towards the finish line as the cast cleanse continues and another series regular bites the dust…or dissolves into a steaming husk of goo. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 6×06: ‘Don’t You Feel Me’

Pam (Kristin Bauer von Straten) is forced to go up against her maker in True Blood 6x06

This week’s True Blood has everything: decapitations, shots to the head, near-drowning, Faerie light, and gratuitous amounts of female nudity. So why am I so freaking bored? Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 6×05: ‘Fuck The Pain Away’

Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) gets up close and personal with Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) in one of the many sexual scenes in True Blood 6x04

True Blood hits the halfway point of the season with a humdinger of an episode that seemingly hits fast forward on the majority of the storylines. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 6×04: ‘At Last’


So does this week’s title, ‘At Last’ refer to True Blood‘s recognition from gay fans that Jason (Ryan Kwanten) needs to spend a little nekkid time with some of the other muscle hunks on the show? No? Just us? Bueller? Alright Continue reading

True Blood review – 6×03: ‘You’re No Good’

Steve Newlin (X) returns to True Blood as we get our introduction to the vampire death camps in True Blood 6x03

True Blood‘s third episode is the best of the latest season as nearly every scene works: packing in the funny, the engaging and the WTF. As an added bonus(!) nearly all of our storylines also move forward. Now if only Continue reading

True Blood review – 6×02: ‘The Sun’

Sookie (Anna Paquin) plays with light in 'The Sun'

The sixth season of True Blood is just getting started and it’s unclear which – if any – of this season’s disparate storylines will pay off. ‘The Sun’ suggests that there’s a bit of a game-plan and OH MY GAWD BILLITH (Stephen Continue reading

True Blood review – 6×01: ‘Who Are You, Really?’

Billith (Stephen Moyer) makes his fiery debut in the sixth season premiere 'Who Are You, Really'

True Blood returns for a sixth season of twisted sex, bloody gore and political shenanigans. So how will this show go on without the calming <snicker> hand of creator Alan Ball (who stepped down to focus on his new series, Continue reading