Ascension review – Part Three


It’s time to put this miniseries to bed as Syfy’s Ascension comes to a close. Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

True Blood review – 7×10: ‘Thank You’


After seven seasons of nudity, blood and gonzo madness, it’s time for True Blood to meet the true death. Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

24: Live Another Day review – 1×12: ’10:00pm – 11:00am’

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Season finales are always bittersweet. 24 season finales are no different. But a 24 season finale that could be another series finale? Well that’s a tough pill to swallow. Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

The White Queen review – 1×10: ‘The Final Battle’

White Queen 1.10

Finally, we get the battle between the House of York and Henry Tudor that we’ve been waiting for for the entire series. Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

He Said/She Said: Breaking Bad review – 5×16: ‘Felina’

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) makes his last stand in the Breaking Bad finale, 'Felina'

After five seasons and 62 episodes, the amazing drug saga of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) / Heisenberg has come to an end. It’s the series finale people – so we knew we needed to bring back the infamous He Said/She Said Continue reading

Dexter review – 8×12: ‘Remember The Monsters?’

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) must decide whether to make a run for it in the series finale

After a mostly disappointing final season filled with missed opportunities and stalled developments, it’s time to bid farewell to Dexter (Michael C. Hall), his dark passenger and his messed up relationships with women. So does the series go out with a Continue reading

The Borgias review – 3×10: ‘The Prince’

Borgias 3.10 photo

“Winter is coming.” No wait…I’m confused about what show I’m reviewing. Ironically during this final episode of The Borgias, Caterina Sforza (Gina McKee) says it. Perhaps she’s a Game of Thrones fan. Unfortunately for viewers, this line sadly foreshadows the Continue reading

Smash review – 2×16 / 2×17: ‘The Nominations’ / ‘The Tonys’

Courtesy of NBC

‘Give em that big finish, and they’ll forget what came before.‘ At least that’s what one hopes will happen. And in the case of the series finale of the once lauded, then panned, Smash, it certainly seems to be the Continue reading

Spartacus: War Of The Damned review – 3×08/3×09/3×10: ‘Separate Paths’ / ‘The Dead And Dying’ / ‘Victory’

When all is said and done, Liam McIntyre proved a more than capable successor to the Spartacus throne

Apologies to readers for missing out on the final batch of Spartacus: War Of The Damned episodes. One week after the series finale, I’ve finally had the chance to catch-up, so without further ado, read on for my thoughts on Continue reading