Happy Endings review – 2×22 / 2×23: Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce’ / ‘Brothas and Sisters’

Courtesy of ABC

Is this the end? Who knows, but if it is we can all take solace in knowing that our friends went out doing what they do best, making us laugh until we pee a little. This week’s double dose of Continue reading

Parks and Recreation review – 5×09: ‘Ron And Diane’

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This episode is a little bit trickier to write about than others. That isn’t to say that it’s any worse – it’s actually probably one of the best of the season – but rather it indicates how much of the Continue reading

Happy Endings recap – 2×06: ‘Lying Around’


So this week’s episode of our beloved Happy Endings was a fairly average episode. There were great parts, but on a whole it left me a little indifferent. Maybe it paled in comparison to the great episodes that the show Continue reading