Fringe review – 5×02: “In Absentia”

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The newly reunited fringe team sets off to the abandoned Harvard lab of yesteryear, desperate to find new clues on how to overthrow the Observer-dominated future. How did the recently de-amberfied gang make out in their first 2036 team adventure? Continue reading

Fringe review – 5×01: ‘Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11′

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Fringe kicked off its final season jumping right back into the year 2036. With only 13 episodes left before the end of the series, did the fifth season premiere give us the confidence that a satisfying end is near? Let’s Continue reading

He Said/She Said: Fringe recap – 4×22: ‘Brave New World Pt. 2′

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It’s finale time on Fringe! It’s time to find out if Astrid (Jasika Nicole) survives her gunshot wound, if September’s (Michael Cerveris) prophecy about Olivia’s death comes true and get some resolution to William Bell’s (Leonard Nimoy) and David Robert Continue reading

Fringe recap – 4×21: ‘Brave New World Pt. 1′

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It’s finale time on Fringe as we get our first of the two-part installment this week. The episode wastes no time getting to what is sure to be a stellar endgame giving us a death, a potential death, and a Continue reading

Fringe recap: 4×20 – ‘Worlds Apart’

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After last week’s high concept episode, it was all business this week on Fringe. Even though we went into high-speed exposition mode in laying out David Robert Jones’ (Jared Harris) master plan, we still managed to some stellar emotional beats Continue reading

Fringe recap – 4×19: ‘Letters of Transit’

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Fringe continues its annual trend of pushing limits in its 19th episode of the season. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, the 19th episode is usually the most ‘high-concept’ and mind-blowing episode of the season and ‘Letters of Transit’ does Continue reading

Fringe recap – 4×18: ‘The Consultant’

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A generally quiet episode this week, Fringe takes some time to lay the groundwork for the season finale. We spend most of our time on ‘the other side’ this week, as we get the return of Jared Harris’ smooth and Continue reading

Fringe recap: 4×17 – ‘Everything in Its Right Place


This week on Fringe we go back to the ‘other side’ as Lincoln (Seth Gabel) tries to define who he is, we get the triumphant return of tight t-shirt (TTS) Broyles (Lance Reddick) and we learn a tad bit more Continue reading

Fringe recap – 4×16: ‘Nothing As It Seems’

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Fringe takes us down memory lane with another solidly entertaining episode this week. Our Olivia’s (Anna Torv) memories are back, leaving her in blissful romance with Peter (Joshua Jackson) but what about the rest of the Fringe team? And what Continue reading

Fringe recap – 4×15: ‘A Short Story About Love’

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After a month long hiatus, Fringe comes back to put some much needed questions to rest, neatly tying up a major thread that has dangled far too long this season. Let’s take a closer look after the jump. Like this:Like Continue reading