The White Queen 1×5: War at First Hand

the white queen 1.5

I’m getting whiplash from the revolving Kings. This week, Edward (Max Irons) takes the crown back, Warwick (James Frain) and Henry Stafford (Michael Maloney) die, and the Brothers York make a dubious moral decision. Let’s bitch it out…

The White Queen review – 1×04: ‘The Bad Queen’

The White Queen

A lot happens this week on The White Queen, as the mad King Henry winds back on the throne and Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson) gives birth to a baby boy in what appears to be the basement of Westminster Abbey. Let’s Continue reading

The White Queen review – 1×03: ‘The Storm’

The White Queen

After what I’d consider a rather uninspiring series start, this episode is the best so far. Now that we’re familiar with all the main players, “The Storm” allows viewers to experience a rebellion from the widely different viewpoints of various Continue reading