The White Queen review – 1×06: ‘Love And Death’

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There’s a bit more Death than Love this week, as the episode’s title would suggest. So who’s on the receiving end of each descriptor? Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Loading…

The White Queen 1×5: War at First Hand

the white queen 1.5

I’m getting whiplash from the revolving Kings. This week, Edward (Max Irons) takes the crown back, Warwick (James Frain) and Henry Stafford (Michael Maloney) die, and the Brothers York make a dubious moral decision. Let’s bitch it out… Like this:Like Continue reading

The White Queen review – 1×04: ‘The Bad Queen’

The White Queen

A lot happens this week on The White Queen, as the mad King Henry winds back on the throne and Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson) gives birth to a baby boy in what appears to be the basement of Westminster Abbey. Let’s Continue reading

The White Queen review – 1×03: ‘The Storm’

The White Queen

After what I’d consider a rather uninspiring series start, this episode is the best so far. Now that we’re familiar with all the main players, “The Storm” allows viewers to experience a rebellion from the widely different viewpoints of various Continue reading

The White Queen review – 1×02: ‘The Price Of Power’

The White Queen 2013

The second episode of STARZ’s The White Queen reinforces my belief that becoming a queen would just be too much work. All of the plotting, overthrowing, and the need to have sons ASAP? It sounds exhausting. Let’s bitch it out… Like Continue reading

He Said/She Said: Damages review – 5×10: ‘But You Don’t Do That Anymore’

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All good things must come to an end, and so Damages bows out with an extended 70 minute series finale that resolves both the McClaren case, and more importantly, establishes once and for all the distinction between Patty Hewes (Glenn Continue reading

Damages review – 5×09: ‘I Like Your Chair’

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Well Damages fans – we’ve only got one episode left until the series says goodbye for good. How did the penultimate episode fare? Did we get enough answers to set up an exciting finale? Let’s bitch it out. Like this:Like Continue reading

Damages review – 5×08: ‘I’m Afraid Of What I’ll Find’

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Things are wrapping up on Damages are we inch closer and closer to the finale. This week we cover a significant amount of ground – both about Ellen’s (Rose Byrne) fatalistic future, as well as whether or not Patty (Glenn Continue reading

Damages review – 5×07: ‘The Storm’s Moving in’

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With only a few episodes of Damages left ever, we got everything but the kitchen sink thrown into this week’s offering. Even with every conceivable plot element crammed in all at once, the episode still took its time when it Continue reading