Smash review – 2×16 / 2×17: ‘The Nominations’ / ‘The Tonys’

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‘Give em that big finish, and they’ll forget what came before.‘ At least that’s what one hopes will happen. And in the case of the series finale of the once lauded, then panned, Smash, it certainly seems to be the Continue reading

Smash review – 2×15: ‘The Transfer’

This week, Derek (Jack Davenport) goes from gross to pathetic and Tom (Christian Borle) and Julia (Debra Messing) say one final farewell. As Hit List transfers to Broadway it brings about some new drama, while the team from Bombshell try Continue reading

Smash review – 2×14: ‘The Phenomenon’

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Everyone is reeling from the untimely death of resident cutie Kyle (Andy Mientus). And when I say everyone, I mean everyone, including me. As one of the only characters that I actually cared for this season, it was a bitter Continue reading

Smash review – 2×13: ‘The Producers’

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Deal-breaker! That’s it, I am officially annoyed with this season. After a mediocre start to the second season, Smash commits a cardinal sin: killing off a character that I like. Also the writers decide to make one of the worst Continue reading

Smash review – 2×12: ‘Opening Night’

Well, it’s finally here, opening night for Bombshell. After all the work, all the cast changes, and of course all the drama, the big night is here and it all comes down to this. Will Ivy (Megan Hilty) show everyone Continue reading

Smash review – 2×11: ‘The Dress Rehearsal’

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As Bombshell goes into previews, technical difficulties arise and so do ticket sales with the help of a little full frontal. Meanwhile Hit List has some major structural changes a few hours before a big preview. So is Derek (Jack Continue reading

Smash review – 2×10: ‘The Surprise Party’

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This week Julia (Debra Messing) helps the Hit List team with their book also helping herself to a new man; things get awkward between Karen (Katharine McPhee), Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan) and Derek (Jack Davenport); Tom (Christian Borle) tries to make Continue reading

Smash review – 2×09: ‘The Parents’

Smash - Season 2

Bernadette Peters returns to reprise her role as Leigh, Ivy’s (Megan Hilty) star-stealing mom, while Dylan Baker swings by to judge Karen (Katherine McPhee) for being a sexually active woman. Can’t these kids catch a break?! Let’s bitch it out… Continue reading

Smash review – 2×08: ‘The Bells and Whistles’

Like there was ever any question that this was Marilyn

Last week Smash left us with the possibility of a cringe inducing romance. This week, they bring back the yawn inducing one. Sam’s (Leslie Odom Jr.) back. Luckily for us, there’s drama involved. Let’s dish. Like this:Like Loading…

Smash review – 2×07: ‘Musical Chairs’

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This week on Smash: two major exits, a show closing, a new song, and the beginning of a cringe worthy love triangle. On the bright side, it’s the end of the dreadful Terry Falls (Sean Hayes) storyline. Let’s bitch! Like Continue reading