True Blood review – 7×09: ‘Love Is To Die’


Last week Bill (Stephen Moyer) made the unpopular declaration that he wouldn’t take the cure for Hep-V. It’s time to find out how that goes down. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×08: ‘Almost Home’

I usually just hang around like this Adilyn needs rescuing in True Blood 7x08

We didn’t cover last week’s new episode of True Blood, but nothing much happened, so let’s just pretend it never happened shall we? Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×06: ‘Karma’


‘Karma’ is a b*tch in the latest episode of True Blood as everyone deals with the fall-out of Hep-V crisis. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×05: ‘Lost Cause’


It’s celebration time on True Blood as the survivors recover from the events of the first half of the season. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×04: ‘Death Is Not The End’


‘Death Is Not The End’ brings to an end the first arc of True Blood‘s final season. Plus: a host of absent characters return. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×03: ‘Fire In The Hole’


Bon Temps continues its descent into anarchy as the human mob causes more damage. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×02: ‘I Found You’


The startling truth about the Hep-V attackers is revealed as Bon Temps begins its slow descent into madness. Let’s bitch it out…

True Blood review – 7×01: ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’


The time has come to return to Bon Temps for one final season of our beloved True Blood. So how does the six month time jump affect S7? Let’s bitch it out…

Watch With Us: June 2014

June 2014

With the dregs of the traditional TV season in the rearview mirror, it’s officially time to settle in for the summer schedule. Will you watch with us?

True Blood review – 6×10: ‘Radioactive’

Sam (Sam Trammell) is now Mayor of Bon Temps after a six month time jump in 'Radioactive'

After a few so-so seasons, True Blood pulls off a shocker of a season finale that delivers on the show’s promise of a return to basics. Wow, do we ever have a lot to talk about! Let’s bitch it out…