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Black Mirror review: 3×01- ‘White Christmas’


There really isn’t a better Christmas present than the return of the wickedly compelling British series, Black Mirror. Series three starts off with a ‘festive’ tale starring one of the show’s fans, Jon Hamm. So, how did the ‘mad man’ Continue reading

The Walking Dead review – 5×07: ‘Crossed’


Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) finally back this week as we set up everything for the midseason finale. So how did the penultimate episode for the first half of S5 fare? Let’s bitch it out.

The Walking Dead review – 5×06: ‘Consumed’


This week on The Walking Dead, we fill in the gaps and get some significant insight into Carol’s (Melissa McBride) character development. So how did the third episode in a row without Rick (Andrew Lincoln) fare? Let’s bitch it out.

The Walking Dead review – 5×05: ‘Self-Help’


The Walking Dead checks in with Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Co. as they continue off to DC. How does yet another episode without Rick (Andrew Lincoln) fare? Let’s bitch it out…

The Walking Dead review- 5×04: ‘Slabtown’


The Walking Dead shifts gears as we finally find out what happened to Beth (Emily Kinney) after she disappeared last season. Was it worth the wait? Let’s bitch it out.

The Walking Dead review: 5×03 – ‘Four Walls and a Roof’


The Walking Dead continues with its forward momentum as it manages to tie up quite a few plot threads despite being only three episodes into the season. How did this week’s episode fare? Let’s bitch it out.