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The Walking Dead review – 4×16: ‘A’


The much anticipated season finale of The Walking Dead brings us the most action-packed, tightly paced, nail-biting episode of the season. So how was Rick (Andrew Lincoln) ‘irrevocably changed’? Let’s bitch it out…

Hannibal review – 2×05: ‘Mukozuke’


This week on Hannibal, our titular psychopath forfeits his control for the first time in a long time (or dare I say ever), and Will (Hugh Dancy) undergoes a significant transformation. Let’s bitch it out…

The Walking Dead review – 4×15: ‘Us’


After a huge sucker-punch of an episode last week, The Walking Dead delivers the penultimate episode of the season. Did this episode continue with the show’s forward momentum? Let’s bitch it out…

The Walking Dead review – 4×14: ‘The Grove’


With only three episodes left in the season, The Walking Dead kills off two characters in anticipation of the season finale. So how did the episode that Robert Kirkman stated was an “absolutely must watch” do? Let’s bitch it out…

The Walking Dead review – 4×13: ‘Alone’


After last week’s slower, sentimental episode, The Walking Dead fires back with a momentum building offering this week. Does this episode show us that there’s still some room for suspense and intrigue before we get to Terminus? Let’s bitch it Continue reading

The Walking Dead review – 4×12: ‘Still’


It’s the Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beth (Emily Kinney) show on The Walking Dead this week as the pair work through some issues. So can these two carry a whole episode on their own? Let’s bitch.

The Walking Dead review – 4×11: ‘Claimed’


This week on The Walking Dead we get to know some potential allies and enemies, with a lot of traditional horror tropes in between. So what’s the result? Let’s bitch it out…

The Walking Dead review- 4×09: ‘After’


The Walking Dead returns as our group is fractured after the prison raid. With promises of ‘the goriest batch of episodes yet’ how does the midseason premiere fare? Let’s bitch…

Sherlock review – 3×02: ‘The Sign of Three’


After cheating death, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) encounters what is likely to be his most difficult challenge yet – delivering the best man toast at John Watson’s (Martin Freeman) wedding. How does our favourite, socially inept detective do? Let’s bitch it Continue reading