About a Boy review – 1×05: ‘About a Plumber’

Well, another episode of About a Boy exists. Inexplicable events occur. Jokes are lame. And everyone gets together in the end for a hug it out moment. Wash, rinse, repeat. Let’s bitch it out…

About a Boy review – 1×04: ‘About a Girl’

About a Boy - Season 1

If only this series were salacious or exciting in any way, I would be happy to hate-watch it every week. But since it’s a mediocre slice-of-life sitcom in which nothing exciting ever happens, I think my Tuesday nights are going Continue reading

About a Boy review – 1×03: ‘About a Godfather’

About A Boy - Season 1

Would you look at that! Fiona is actually a person with real human emotions after all! Unfortunately, that may be the only worthwhile revelation during this whole episode. Let’s bitch it out…

About a Boy review – 1×02: ‘About Total Exuberance’

About a Boy - Season 1

When someone says “Lil Jon pool party,” somehow an eleven-year-old boy clinging to a high dive for dear life isn’t what comes to mind. It’s just one of the reasons why this second episode of About a Boy is a Continue reading

About a Boy review – 1×01: ‘Pilot’

About A Boy - Season Pilot

With a fantastic cast, a popular book and movie as its basis, and critically-acclaimed EP Jason Katims, it’s hard to image that About a Boy would be less than stellar. But how does the pilot actually shake out? Let’s bitch Continue reading

Arrested Development – Season 4 review

Are all the Bluths back, spewing nonsense that would earn any of their whining the hashtag #firstworldproblems? Yes. Are there running gags that are so involved they can make your head spin? Yes. Does Tobias (David Cross) utter the words Continue reading

Arrested Development review – 4×03: ‘Indian Takers’

This week we review the episode featuring Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), aka the episode no one ever asked for. Let’s break it down…

Arrested Development review – 4×02: ‘Borderline Personalities’

The talents of two out of three of these actors are wasted

The novelty of new AD episodes is starting to wear off, and it’s time to take a look at what the Netflix season really has to offer fans. If we judge it based on episode 2, it isn’t much. Let’s Continue reading

Arrested Development review – 4×01: ‘Flight of the Phoenix’

It’s time to stock pile your juice boxes, throw on your cutoffs, and put away your “Caged Wisdom” videos for another day. The new season of Arrested Development is here! Let’s break it down…