24: Live Another Day review – 1×12: ’10:00pm – 11:00am’

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Season finales are always bittersweet. 24 season finales are no different. But a 24 season finale that could be another series finale? Well that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Let’s bitch it out…

Elrond is on holidays this week, so I am covering the finale of my all-time favourite show. Plus, it gives me a chance to write a love letter to 24 for what could be its final episode. Elrond thinks I’m too positive when it comes to this show, but my retort remains the same: I’m just calling it like I see it.

And just like that, the silent clock strikes again. I should have known better. I should have known better than to think that Audrey (Kim Raver) and Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) would be able to reunite at the end of this. I mean, even her traitorous husband Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) can admit that Audrey is still in love with Jack. That should have been my first clue that she wouldn’t be making it out alive. Seeing President Heller’s (William Devane) reaction to Audrey’s death is more than this reviewer could take, that’s for sure. That silent clock is a real bitch.

However, that silent clock sure spurned a rage in Jack like I haven’t seen in… well, four years. I mean, he’s throwing meat cleavers and stabbing people in the neck and just plain kicking ass and taking names. But there is no better justice for Audrey than seeing Jack cut off Cheng’s (Tzi Ma) head with a freakin’ samurai sword!

And in true 24 fashion, Jack gets Heller the information that he has Cheng in custody mere seconds after the Chinese ships have breached the defensive barrier and just as Heller is giving the order to attack. That’s the miracle of Jack Bauer right there, ladies and gents. Don’t question the coincidental timing, just appreciate that that’s how Jack Bauer works.

In all the hype of the Chinese and Audrey’s death, I have to admit that I forgot about the Russians. I mean, I don’t know what I was thinking – it’s not like Jack was going to walk off into the sunset at the end of the episode, especially not with Audrey gone. So of course it makes sense that he would offer himself up to protect his best friend. And so begins another few months (or years) of torture as repayment for protecting the country a few dozen times. This is the life of our hero, after all. But Jack has saved his only friend, which is enough for him. And in a positive note to end the season, she is now Goth Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) no longer. Thank goodness – that eye makeup was getting to be too much to handle.

I just want to take a moment to address the fact that William Devane as James Heller is one of the greatest men to ever grace this show – and that’s saying something considering the great men we have lost throughout the years; including my man Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), George Mason (Xander Berkeley), Milo (Eric Balfour) and Bill Buchanan (James Morrison). So my beloved James Heller is in the company of great men. But this new season has given me so much respect for the man, especially in his final scene of the season. At first I couldn’t figure out why Heller is so calm when the casket of his only daughter is taken out en route back to America. But as he begins telling the story to the Prime Minister (Stephen Fry), it becomes clear that it is merely heartbreak and shock. And also sadness – sadness that someday soon he won’t even remember his daughter, let alone how she died. And in that moment, collective hearts across the world break along with his. Devane deserves a standing ovation for his work this season, in my humble opinion.

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Other Observations:

  • While obviously giving Audrey the greatest respect possible, is it wrong that one of my first thoughts is that her death opens the door for Kate and Jack to get together? Never mind the fact that she’s still grieving the suicide of her husband, and he will be grieving Audrey’s death until the end of time. But she’s quit the CIA, so it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that she’ll try to track him down now that he’s in the Russian’s custody. I still think there’s a shot.
  • I was a bit taken aback when I saw that the episode was from 10:00 pm – 11:00 am (which of course our dear Kiefer made sure to stress with some vigour in his opening line). This show has a system. All episodes are an hour long, the show plays in real time, and there are 24 episodes per season…except for this abbreviated 12 episode season. Ultimately I like the jump ahead in time so that we could get a little distance from the chaos of the day. It serves to close the storylines with a little calm, which I appreciate. Plus it gives some heartfelt moments that are necessary to say a proper goodbye, if in fact this is the last we ever see of Jack Bauer.

No one was happier than I was when it was announced that this new season would be happening. Every Monday evening, I was just as excited as I used to be when I first discovered the show all the way back in season 1. Live Another Day gave me everything I wanted (other than a return of Tony Almeida, of course): big screen worthy action, stories of terrorism that are just outside the realm of reality and Jack Bauer kicking ass. So yes, there are stories and details that are completely ridiculous and they might not make sense. But that’s 24. So everything else is a plus in my books.

How did you feel about the final episode? Are you happy with how things ended for Jack? Did you see Audrey’s death coming? What do you think will happen to Jack with the Russians? Sound off below!

24: Live Another Day has now finished airing. FOX has yet to renew the series for another season.

2 thoughts on “24: Live Another Day review – 1×12: ’10:00pm – 11:00am’

  1. I think an entire blog post could be devoted to Jack’s rage-fueled killing spree.At first it started with a stealth assault by him and Belchek, carefully choreographed by Chloe. But the second things went sideways, it turned into an all-out automatic weapon assault, combined with throwing butcher knives and concluding with beheading by samurai sword. I don’t think you can get more 24 than that.

  2. I was confused about the whole “Chloe is Jack’s only friend” thing – Serbian Mafia Guy seemed like a pretty good friend. I don’t think I have any friends that would be willing to raid a cargo ship full of armed Chinese dudes with me if I asked them to.