Last Resort review – 1×04: ‘Voluntold’

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Tensions rise aboard the Colorado as events from the last few episodes, including last week’s hostage situation and the lingering mutinous feelings of the crew, come to the forefront and nearly turn into an explosive situation.

Let’s bitch it out…Last week I hoped that the aftermath of the hostage situation – in which Cortez (Jessica Camacho) was raped and Brannan (Will Rothaar) volunteered Redman for death – would result in some significant fall-out. Lo and behold it does, though not in the way I imagined. Acting partially on assassination orders against Capt. Chaplin (Andre Braugher) by Secretary of Defense Curry (Jay Karnes) and partially out of guilt, Brannan pulls the pin on a grenade and takes the sub hostage.

It’s high drama on the open seas and provides yet another opportunity for Braugher to deliver a marvelous, passionate speech. The speech by itself works well; the circumstances surrounding it are a little too perfect. Communications are open for the rest of the sub to hear, so the mutinous crew not only hears the Secretary of Defense order Brannan to kill them all, but also hears Chaplin make a speech that makes him sound like the paragon of truth, justice and the American way. Naturally the vast majority of individuals that may have been considering jumping ship (literally – they were signing up to leave) reconsider their decision. The result is a great episode marred by a “too convenient” denouement. In the long run this will help to logically extend the narrative lifespan of the show, even if right now it doesn’t quite work.

Courtesy of ABC

Other Observations:

  • It seems that Christine Kendall (Jessy Schram) and Kylie Sinclair (Autumn Reeser) will soon be meeting up. After Kylie’s father, Bennett (Michael Gaston) admits he ordered the Perseus technology stolen at the behest of the President, Kylie sees an aggravated Christine on TV. These two women share a similar point of view with regards to uncovering the truth. Something tells me that they won’t have Admiral Shephard (Bruce Davidson) on their side much longer. He may not be allergic to shellfish, but they’ll get him another way
  • Christine’s situation is pretty dire. With the public and media scrutiny following the indictment of her husband, Christine is trapped in her home, penniless and without food. It’s no wonder she ends up lashing out at the media, especially after someone spray paints the word ‘Traitor’ on her garage
  • Still not crazy about the Julian (Sahr Ngaujah) situation. This week he’s involved in smuggling people off the island in exchange for morphine (interesting), and also blackmailing Sophie (Camille De Pazzis) to find some kind of mineral deposit (less interesting). It’s clear that the latter is a pipeline story since Sophie later tells Kendall (Scott Speedman) all about how he needs to look out for the island.
  • The continuing “Tani (Dichen Lachman) sucks” saga continues this week as everyone’s favourite bartender…tends bar. At least  James (Daniel Lissing) finally buries his dead friend. I can only imagine the effects the body was having on the taste and smells of the food locked in that freezer

Best Lines:

  • Robert Patrick’s Prosser (to Daisy Betts’ Grace): “I’m going to paddle you, Kendall and Captain Chaplin right to your treason trial.”
  • Kendall: “Grace, you’re going to learn to recognize when the Captain has made up his mind.”
  • Arthur Shepherd: “You want to be some Hamptons princess, sitting on a throne, letting the people eat cake?”
  • Tani: “Take this outside my bar…you’re paying for the damage.” Cause that’s her role apparently…wisecracking bartender
  • Sophie (to Kendall): “You are the power on this island now. So you have the responsibility to care for it.”

What did you think of the fourth episode? Does it get your award for most improved? Are you interested in Sophie and Julian’s mysterious mineral scavenger hunt? Are you concerned that the mutiny will continue or do you think it’s done with now? Speculate below

Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on ABC

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