Grimm review – 2×07: ‘The Bottle Imp’

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This week Grimm has a complete misfire (the case of the week bores, then instigates inappropriately hilarious laughter – not in a good way). But the mythology sandwiched in between more than justify the episode.

Let’s bitch it out…

If we look at ‘The Bottle Imp”s case of the week by itself, it is a 42 minute waste of time. Not only is a father kidnapping his child and going on a murderous rampage a familiar story, but it’s told in the most dull fashion possible. None of the guest stars make any kind of impact except for April (Jade Pettyjohn), and that’s only when it’s revealed that she’s the true villain. The twist is kind of interesting, until the girl goes off on her foster father in an absolutely hilarious zombie-esque attack sequence. The physical fight between the girl and the overweight foster father is nearly enough to justice having to sit through this dreck…but it’s not.

The episode isn’t a complete write-off, though, because the bits and pieces surrounding the craptacular case of the week hold plenty of promise. Chief among them are the developments involving Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). When she first stops by the precinct and sees her secret saviour, the music and her look of confused recognition tells us that something is amiss. At the end of the episode, just when it seems as though she and Nick (David Giuntoli) are finally making a connection, she sees Renard’s face instead of her boyfriend’s. The connection established between she and Renard back in 2×02 ‘The Kiss‘ is alive and kicking and as the previews for next week show, it’s about to get a whole lot more problematic.

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Other Observations:

  • Renard’s other interesting piece is his phone conversation with Adalind (Claire Coffee). She knows that her mother has been killed and she suspects Nick. Clearly she’s not prepared to let the matter drop and with news that Coffee is now a series regular, we can expect to see more of the mischievous cat lady again soon
  • Hank’s (Russell Hornsby) Wessen education continues as Nick takes him to the trailer (our baby is all grown up!) It will be fun to see how Hank reacts as he learns more about Nick’s adventures. Did I say fun? Because I meant awful. And by Nick’s adventures, I mean “Adalind is a Wessen that totally used him to get to Nick”. Oh it’s going to ugly!
  • File Monroe’s (Silas Weir Mitchell) storyline under “WTF filler”. The storyline feels transplanted from a wacky situational comedy as Monroe accidentally gives a Spice Shop customer the wrong potion and the man nearly hacks up his apartment with a chainsaw. All that’s missing is a laugh track for this painful B-storyline

What did you think of ‘The Bottle Imp’? I tried to think of how the myth applies to this episode…and came up empty, so if anyone wants to research it up, feel free to contribute. What were your thoughts on Monroe’s storyline? And how do you think Juliette and Renard will move forward from this? Those scenes from next week look a little Sleeping With The Enemy, no? Sound off below

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm EST on NBC

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One thought on “Grimm review – 2×07: ‘The Bottle Imp’

  1. I figured it was the girl within the first five minutes of the program and played words with friends until we skipped back to Nick. I can honestly say he was the most interesting part of the episode, which is sad. I did like his giddy boy act when showing off his treasures; it was a far cry from when he showed Juliette and when he had to kill an assassin.

    I figure we’ll have “WTF Filler” moments until Rosalee actress finally leaves for maternity. She’s gonna ruin any Monroe moments becuse she’s a full cast member, thereby requiring some minutes and who else is she really going to interact with? She has no one else except for Monroe and Nick, and its not like Nick needed her. On the other hand, there really wasn’t a need for Monroe tonight either since Nick thougt he knew who was the culprit and he needed bonding time with his young Padawan.