Grimm review – 2×06: ‘Over My Dead Body’

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After a disappointing return last week, Grimm rebounds nicely with a case-of-the-week done right. It’s amazing what a difference a dose of mythology and personal conflict can have on a narrative.

Let’s bitch it out…Compared to last week’s dud, ‘Over My Dead Body’ feels like the second season rediscovering its purpose. It’s not a perfect episode – there’s still a certain level of obviousness (raise your hand if you honestly thought Silas Weir Mitchell’s Monroe would die…exactly). But in terms of laying some interesting groundwork surrounding the mythology of the Royals, continuing to pay-off the previous mythology (both for Jaime Ray Newman’s Angelina and for the continuing feud between Sasha Roiz’s Captain Renard and his brother), this is a stronger than what we’ve seen in the last few episodes.

We even get a few dinner-cute moments between Nick (David Giuntoli) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). At this point, if we can continue to see their burgeoning romance develop, I’ll actually be okay if she doesn’t get her memory back. It’s more interesting than I would have thought possible – which is pretty impressive considering at the time it felt like the show was simply hitting the reset button rather than letting her in on Nick’s secret.

Speaking of being ‘in the know’, I’m also coming around to Hank (Russell Hornsby) being a true “partner” to Nick’s Grimm. Hank’s continuing education by Monroe has been a highlight of recent episodes. His reaction to the clock repair Wessen’s “if I want you to know I’ve shifted, you’ll know” face is priceless. Even though I feel like if I were in his position (or Nick’s from last year) I would have gone on a crash-course to learn as much as possible in as little time as possible, Grimm is doing a decent enough job to show us Hank adjusting to the Wessen world without having book reading and Wessen-spotting montage after montage.

In short, it’s all coming together. Slowly, but episodes like this are a huge step-up.

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Other Observations:

  • As much as I enjoy the more “personal” nature of the story, I’d be lying if I hadn’t hoped for more from the arrival of Mia, the mysterious woman from Versailles played by The Vampire Diaries‘ Mama Original, Alice Evans. Aside from sporting some truly tragic bangs (hope that’s a Jessica Simpson wig!), Evans isn’t given much to do aside from tease Renard sexually and show up in time to reveal that Mia is behind the hit on Monroe (*cough obvious cough*). Hopefully Renard will keep Mia around for a little while so that he can a) get some answers and b) maybe get some lovin’
  • Speaking of guest stars, I much preferred Jaime Ray Newman’s first performance on the show back in 1×06 ‘The Three Bad Wolves’. Here she seems to be channeling a brassy, flippant Jersey girl with high school-girl speech patterns. It’s an especially unconvincing act when she poses as Nick’s partner and we suffer through painful “aren’t you a lucky guy” schtick from the other officer at the crime scene. I do, however, like that when she un-morphs from her Wessen look, Angelina looks as though she’s auditioning for a shampoo commercial (shake those gorgeous locks!)
  • I’m also confused why Angelina charges the ‘short guy’ and is shot considering Hank has everyone in his gun-sights. The obvious answer is that killing her makes the conflict more real, but this is a death that doesn’t feel earned
  • Finally, did everyone enjoy Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) awkward stage-right exit (her Aunt had a stroke? Really?!) Guess it’s finally time for Turner to deliver her child (hence the blankets and strategic shooting from the neck-up the last few weeks)

Best Lines:

  • Monroe (to Rosalee, on speakerphone): “I’m in the shop with Nick and Hank.” Angelina: “And me
  • Angelina (dying): “Damn” Really? Those are your final words???

Does this episode restore your faith that the show knows where it’s going? The hint of Claire Coffee’s Adalind in the preview for next week is incredibly exciting to me. Are you enjoying Hank’s education? Did you worry for Monroe as his hands curled under the spell of the Death Feint? And what do you think Renard will do with his mysterious prisoner? Speculate below!

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm EST on NBC

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One thought on “Grimm review – 2×06: ‘Over My Dead Body’

  1. Restore? It never lost it. I love Grimm. There were some great interactions between characters (Nick sitting next to Monroe´s bed was my favourite), and did someone honestly think Monroe would die? It wasn ´t obvious, because nobody even thought about it. It was just a story that should make a plot move.