Revolution review – 1×03: ‘No Quarter’

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With Live+DVR3 and regular ratings in, Revolution is doing exceedingly well for struggling NBC. Creatively the show remains stagnant despite some minor gains.

Let’s bitch it out…

Last week we broke down the pros, cons. Seeing as not much has changed, let’s do the same this week:

+ (Pros)

  • The bridge explosion: Finally, instead of gabbing, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) does something useful. With that said it’d be nice if the show didn’t have to rely on a big explosion/action sequence to make or break every episode. Finding a real strength in this muddled episode is…a challenge to say the least
  • Oh, and Michael Mosley shows up. I liked him on Pan Am. Even though he doesn’t do much here beyond beating Danny (Graham Rogers) with a sack, that’s pretty awesome in my books so it goes in the ‘Pro’ category

– (Cons)

  • Miles’ (Billy Burke) “reveal” as the originator of the Republic and General of the militia: Is this supposed to be a surprise? He and Monroe (David Lyons) have spent the last three episodes together in flashback and clearly have a history. It’s by far the episode’s biggest “no duh” moment
  • Aaron (Zak Orth) & technology: Without it, the former bigwig is “weak and afraid”. Remember the first week when I said that I was interested in his story? Nope…no, this episode killed that feeling
  • Product placement: Maggie’s (Anna Lise Phillips) Apple iPhone = Are you freakin’ kidding me?!
  • Absent characters: Thanks for introducing Juliet Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) last week and then not using her at all. Also, when you have Giancarlo Esposito, you use him (speeches, stoic faces, crystal meth). Do more than just throw him on a d*mn horse! And even though she’s not that interesting, where’s Grace (Maria Howell)?

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Draw (Jury’s Still Out)

  • Charlie: 98% of the time she’s completely insufferable, but then every once in a while – usually when she gets angry – Charlie is kinda captivating. If the show can move her past borderline stupid and naive into regular badass territory, she could be tolerable. The problem is this is only episode three, so we have a loooong way to go

Lazy Writing of the Week Award

  • Bullets: We learn bullets are as “precious as diamonds” because of their rarity, so why does Jeremy (Mark Pellgrino) waste one on a no-named rebel in the woods? Everyone is carrying freaking swords, so use them!

Best Lines:

  • Miles (to Daniella Alonso’s Nora): “We did it. We delivered your rifle to your whiny ass rebel buddies” Well said, Miles
  • Charlie’s delivery of the line “Guys, that man’s dead.”Hilariously awful…just so terrible
  • Preacher (when the truth about Miles comes out): “Christ forgives. I’m not Christ.” Oh snap, preacher man!
  • Charlie: “I’m just…I’m confused.” Oh sweetheart, we know…life is so hard

So…that happened. Much like last week, I can’t say that it was either good or bad; it simply was. At this point Revolution really needs to step up its story because the only substantial moment of the episode is learning Miles’ history – and that seems so obvious that it can hardly be called a reveal. Here’s hoping next week picks it up a notch (or five)

In the meantime, how are you feeling about the show? This is around the ‘make or break it’ period for most viewers: do you plan to catch a few more episodes? What do you think happened to Grace? Do you care at all what happens to Danny? And since only Miles, Nora and Charlie made it across the bridge, does that mean the entire episode was pointless? Sound off below.

Revolution airs Mondays at 10pm EST on NBC

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2 thoughts on “Revolution review – 1×03: ‘No Quarter’

  1. I’m one of the few that doesn’t despise Charlie or think her acting is terrible although Tracy Spiridakos’ performance benefits greatly from selective editing. In my opinion, the introduction of Jeremy should be a +Pros. I do plan on sticking with this show for now despite the flaws.

    To be honest, I don’t really care what happens to Grace or Danny. He can be beaten with sack every episode. It could be a running gag like “They killed Kenny” from South Park. Danny is in dire need of a haircut – that should be his arc for the season if up to me.

    What was frustrating was knowing that they were going to get ambushed at the rebel base. It was obvious from the moment they arrived. And why did the rebel hostage give up the location of the base? One moment he is resigned to die, then after multiple blank Russian roulette shots to the head he decides he wants to live?

    The writers will also need to set up the rules for how the amulet works in the upcoming episodes. They don’t need a technological explanation (which wouldn’t make sense anyways), but determine the extent of it’s capabilities, what causes it to activate, etc or it’ll just be used as a deus ex machina.

    This was a pointless episode because Mile’s secret wasn’t a revelation to anyone that saw the previous flashbacks with Monroe. It was just a long winded way of introducing Jeremy and made these particular rebels look feeble, except for that sniper. For next episode, I’m going to guess Charlie and Miles will butt heads again, face off against more militia and Danny will still be a prisoner. Sorry for sounding off on your comments section. I have my own blog, I should vent there. 😉

  2. This guy that works at DISH with me suggested Revolution so I gave it a peek. They really should step up the plot a bit. The concept is super original, but they keep forcing jumps in the story line. I could see if Aaron was just playing with the pendant and accidentally turned it on, but for it to start working by itself seems pretty lazy. I think I will wait a few weeks and see if there are any truly positive reviews before I commit another hour. My Hopper automatically records all of the shows on NBC during prime time so I know that it will be waiting if that ever happens.