Continuum review – 1×07: ‘The Politics Of Time’

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Let’s get personal, Continuum friends. Carlos (Victor Webster) is keeping almost as many secrets as Kiera (Rachel Nichols) in episode seven of the show. And he might be into kinky sex? Oh my!

Let’s bitch it out…In terms of what’s come before, ‘The Politics Of Time’ most closely resembles 1×04 ‘Matter Of Time’ – it’s not a great episode, nor is it a bad one – but it does contain several interesting pieces. Much like that former episode, which revealed a great deal about the lengths to which Kiera will go to protect “the future” of 2077, 1×07 helps to flesh out Carlos as a character on his own.

The story of the reporter, the politician and the affair that ends in murder is hardly a new convention and the way Continuum executed it didn’t really add anything new to the story. I’ll admit that as soon as I saw Sara (Jenn Bird), I immediately fingered her as the murderer, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was actually Liber8 member Garza (Luvia Petersen). The fact that Liber8 is behind Jim Martin’s (Tahmoh Penikett) sizeable campaign donation and the crimes that succeed it is unsurprising, however, since it bears all the hallmarks of Kagame’s (Tony Amendola) manipulations. That Jim – and through him Liber8 – is only a few political steps away from Mayor is a dangerous, and therefore promising, development.

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Aside from the Liber8 reveal at the end, however, the episode is relatively straightforward. It’s nice to find out more about Carlos, and it gives Victor Webster more to do than play the dumb cop. I definitely appreciate how the show uses this as an opportunity to reintroduce the concept of overlooking bad (even criminal) behaviour for the “good” of everyone. Carlo’s reasoning for concealing his involvement remains stupid, but his rationale that Jim is a good politician that people are counting on echoes the same line of reasoning that Kiera used when she allowed Melissa Dobeck to escape to South America with the anti-matter tech in 1×04. That’s some nice continuity and reinforces why Carlos and Kiera are a good fit for each other.

(Side Note: Carlos’ suspension is completely understandable. The charges being subsequently dropped, however, makes no sense)

Other Observations:

  • I really liked that Kiera suggests that there are times that require the wrong action for the right reason and she’d rather not lie to Carlos. Traditionally when characters suggest being 100% honest, the person with all the secrets simply agrees and the audience collectively groans. It’s refreshing that Kiera didn’t just cave…
  • I’m torn about the ‘Betty loves Carlos’ parts. Jennifer Spence is pretty adorable, but this is one of those by-the-book familiar storylines that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I did like that they didn’t make Betty pathetic or have her resort to blackmail when she decoded the damaging photo of Carlos, so even though it’s a blah storyline, at least it’s being handling it maturely.
  • It only takes Kiera one episode to notice that the piece of the time travel device has been stolen by Kellog (Stephen Lobo). I still maintain there’s sexual tension between Kiera and Kellog, so I definitely dig their back and forth, distrustful relationship. Am I alone in this?
  • The suit is almost powered back up! That sucker is a lot more powerful than we thought. Between it and the convenient tech Kiera is able to pull out whenever she needs something, it’s no wonder these 2012 criminals don’t stand a chance. Admittedly the fact that she always has a tool to do whatever she needs is a little too 007 for my tastes, but I’ll go along with it
  • Finally, in the continuing domestic drama that is Kiera’s 2077 marriage, we learn that evil pr*ck husband, Greg (John Reardon) cheated on Kiera before their marriage. This is tricky because we have no timeline to determine exactly when she finds out, but I can’t help but feel frustrated that Kiera stayed with him. It’s likely that this is shortly before Kiera discovers her pregnancy since Greg just got his promotion so perhaps that plays into her decision? The suggestion that he’ll never keep another secret from her is completely laughable. I’ve definitely begun looking forward to loving to hate him each week

Best Lines:

  • Alec (referencing Carlos’ fingerprints on the headboard): “Oh man, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out how those prints got there.”
  • Alec (watching Kiera meet Jim and Heather): “I don’t know, I don’t trust him.” As Heather enters. “I don’t like her either.”
  • Alec (referencing skipping ahead past the sex on the playback): “What? And miss the bow-chi-chi-bow-wow?!” Kiera: “I don’t even know what you’re doing”

That’s it for another week of Continuum. We’re now only three episodes away from the season (series?) finale. Do you think these one-off episodes will return to bear further fruit? Are you feeling the Carlos/Keira tension, or would you rather see her hook up with Kellog? And when will Alec’s (Erik Knudsen) brother, Julian (Richard Harmon) emerge as a major villain? Hit up the comments with your thoughts

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3 thoughts on “Continuum review – 1×07: ‘The Politics Of Time’

  1. It’s nice to see Alec get some of the funny lines; those plus his scenes with the suit were the standout moments for me in this episode.

  2. My fear is that they’ll villainize Kiera’s husband so she can alter the past and be with Carlos (or other). I kinda love her with her husband. Actualy, I like the idea of Kiera going back to her old life after all.
    But I confess I also like her with Kellog…they have this tension that is massive and interesting (a lot better than the idea of her and Carlos).

    I liked this episode a lot more than the last one. I just don’t think Jim was corrupt, he didn’t know about what the girl did. His only falt was being the jornalist’s lover and lying about it.