Teen Wolf review – 2×07: ‘Restraint’

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Teen Wolf continues to impress as it barrels through it’s sophomore season. The race is on to discover the Master pulling the strings of the Kanima as Jackson (Colton Haynes) becomes increasingly unhinged and unpredictable.

Let’s bitch it out…At this point in the season, you’re either completely onboard the Teen Wolf fan bus, or you’re shaking your head in dismay at why people like the show (as many people seem to be on Twitter). To these party poopers, all I can say is this: you’re freakin’ missing out. What once started as my “summer guilty pleasure”  has easily morphed into one of my most anticipated of shows. Let’s face it people, this is just a bloody entertaining bit of television that has seriously upped its game in the second season.

After hitting the gay bar last week, this week our crew plays it closer to home turf as the action more or less centers around the school. This is impressive considering that place is locked down tighter than a 1984 convention at Fort Knox, what with the cameras and the creepy members of Allison’s (Crystal Reed) kicking around every corner. Still no undercover brother action for Argent, but this week Mama Victoria is kicked down from substitute English teacher to administrative assistant in the principal’s office and by the way she’s grinding those pencils down, I don’t think she’s happy about the demotion. It may also have something to do with the fact that Scott’s (Tyler Posey) mom, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) blurts out that Scott is not only still seeing Allison, but diddling her.

Side Note 1: Imagine if Victoria found out Scott and Allison were having hot slo-mo sex? What kind of phallic object would she grind down then?!

Side Note 2: It seems to me that the parents on this show should have a convo with the parents from Awkward when it comes to teen sex. At least they’re using protection folks!

This is all besides the point, however, because Jackson, aka Kanima, is still on the loose and in addition to paralytic claws, a sporadic nasty looking face rash, and a proclivity for snake-orifice action (in the mouth, out the eye), the boy is packing some serious restraining order…against Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) that is. The jury is still out on whether or not the school’s hottest, richest, wettest student knows what he is: on one hand he looks startled to “wake up” after threatening Allison in the lockerroom (though that may be because he’s naked), while on the other he doesn’t seem too freaked out that he’s frequently forced to shower off blood. Either way I think we can all agree on one fact – Colton Haynes look good (half) naked. Glad we got that out of the way.

Courtesy of MTV

Other Observations:

  • Good to get some clarification on what’s affecting Lydia (Holland Roden) as the mystery behind “Junior” aka the guy with no name (Michael Fjordbak) is revealed. In retrospect I feel silly for not associating the guy with her visions of Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) but I guess I didn’t believe the people on the interwebs who believed the new guy was a ghost or hallucination. Chalk one up to Sixth Sense believers. The question now becomes: what does Peter want from her? Is it as simple as resurrection his decaying corpse from under Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) house?
  • Speaking of Derek, he wants to go on the offensive with his crew of misfit werewolves, but they’re pretty useless. Isaac (Daniel Sharman) remains a whiney b*tch (though not a stupid b*tch – that would be either Scott or Allison, according to Jackson) and Erica (Gage Golightly) is susceptible to seizures under the Kanima’s  influence. What a sucky army! It’s probably good that Scott agrees to join the pack and hunt down Jackson…his way (of course)
  • Can we talk about Matt (Stephen Lunsford) for a second? Who is this guy and what is his deal? He’s creepy, he’s invasive, and he’s trying way too hard to break into the Scooby gang. I kinda hope that he bites it because he’s basically just a pain at this point
  • Also, Matt invites Allison to a “rave”…who goes to raves anymore? (Yes, I know Allison is the one who called it a rave, but judging from next week’s preview, it likely is a rave)

Best Lines:

  • Melissa (indicating one of the ways Scott is grounded): “No Stiles.” That hurts, lady!
  • Allison (explaining what she told Lydia about the Kanima text): “I told her we’re part of an online gaming community that battles mythological creatures”
  • Stiles: I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythological creatures”
  • Allison: “Oh…”
  • Stiles (to Erica as she presses her claws on him): “You wanna play Catwoman, I’ll be Batman”
  • Victoria (inquiring how Melissa knows Scott and Allison are sexing it up): “How do you know it’s not some other impressionable girl with low standards?”

Alright, I’m entertaining guests, so that’s all I have to say. If I forgot anything important, hit me up in the comments!

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm EST on MTV

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3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf review – 2×07: ‘Restraint’

  1. I love the direction they went in with Fjordbak’s character. I just hope that the series doesn’t drop him now that we know he’s really a young Peter. He’s just too adorable to say goodbye!

  2. To me this episode was crazy, but in the best kind of way. I was very confused though. Was the chemistry teacher actually revealed to be the master? It felt like there should have been more of a buildup.

    As for Lydia here is my theory; To be immune you need to get vaccinated. When Peter mauled her last season he did so. When vaccinated, a small part of the disease lives on inside you, but does not affect you. What I’m saying is that I think a small part of Peter is still alive within her. Far fetched I know, but it’s possible.

    On a sidenote, the scene with Mama Argent and Scott was way beyond creepy. Your comment about slo-mo sex was hilarious! Also I feel it important to mention that Alison’s hair was much improved this week

    For obvious reasons I also really enjoyed the half naked locker room fight. If that scene was the result of a possessed angry Jackson I say long live the Kanima.

    • I think you’re on to something re: Peter and Lydia. I think they’ll either go with resurrecting him OR he’s somehow living on inside her.

      As for the chemistry teacher, that did seem to be a pretty big hint. But the show doesn’t traditionally go for the obvious, so I’m not completely sold on the idea until they 100% confirm it.