Lost Girl review – 2×10: ‘Raging Fae’

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It’s a very special episode of Lost Girl in that the entire “case of the week” is completely forgettable. So put that aside and we’ll just focus on the important stuff, shall we?

Let’s bitch it out…If we’re being honest with ourselves, no show produces 100% quality entertainment all the time. And while Lost Girl has had its share of good to “meh” episodes in season two, there aren’t too many that are so evenly divided in terms of quality as ‘Raging Fae.’ Divided how, you ask? Well, I spent the better part of the episode trying not to tune out during the parts playing homage to Fight Club and other boxing tales of underdog fighters training for that one, final fight. But lo and behold: the flip side is this amazing character piece in which Anna Silk’s Bo absolutely falls apart at the seams and bares her soul in emotionally gut wrenching ways.

So what do we do with that?!

Well, let’s just dedicate a few lines to the “case of the week” and move on, shall we? Essentially we’ve got Michael (Tim Campbell), a down on his luck fighter (a human – how novel!) who goes on a winning streak for a Light Fae gym owner named Ferraro* (Joe Pingue) who makes a mint on the pay per view underground fight circuit (would Fae really pay to watch humans cage fight? A) They can already do this for free on some sports networks and B) Wouldn’t they prefer to watch Fae fight since the fights would likely be bloodier or more badass? Just askin’).

*Great, now I want holiday chocolate…

Of course, Bo finds the whole idea of a Fae having ownership over a human (obvious projection alert!) repulsive so she`s gonna Shut. Him. Down. What follows involves toad juice, a little orphan Fae and some random cage fighting later. By 42 minutes, all is right with the world. And in a week’s time this will all be forgotten – aside from the ending (more on that in a bit).

Courtesy of Syfy / Showcase

The real story concerns Mel (Joanne Boland), the sister of the boy we’ve seen Bo kill multiple times in flashback throughout the series. This is the boy that sent her running…the majority of which turns out to be a complete fabrication. I always gathered that there was more to the story, but watching Bo rip Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) a new one for not telling her Mel was in town and then pour out a sobbing confession about her upbringing was…shocking. Did anyone see Bo’s religious upbringing and cruel foster parents coming? Cause that sexual repression and confusion about her abilities just got a whole lot more clear!

Admittedly this all came out of nowhere, but perhaps because of that, this whole part of the episode packed a great emotional wallop. There’s obvious parallels to be made between the boxing parts and fighting inner demons (Dorothy Snarker of AfterEllen does this well, so I’ll redirect). Instead, let’s just take a moment to highlight Anna Silk, who – much like Kristin Bauer on True Blood – knocks it out of the park when given a well-deserved emotional beat.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Silk deliver in a more dramatic scene. Bo’s been having a rough go this season and Silk has been selling her rage and confusion well, but it’s often in relation to a romantic relationship (Side Note: how refreshing is it to see Kris Holden-Ried’s Dyson and Zoie Palmer’s Lauren trade-off “Bo recovery duty” after Bo tanks her cage match?). I sometimes forget how well Silk can handle these scenes because I’ve come to associate her with a*s kicking and quippy one-liners. This may be the most emotionally exposed we’ve seen Bo and it’s nice to not only see Kenzi stand up for her, but watch her friends and (ex)lovers rally to protect her

Other Observations:

  • The ending: Again a crazy reveal with The Ash (Vincent Walsh). Head in a box last episode? Check. Crazy demon teeth tonight? Check. So do we assume that this is the dark figure that the Nain Rouge was referring to? That doesn’t exactly make sense since he’s been here for awhile now. Or if he just the advance scout?
  • I was pretty surprised that Bo confessed the contents of her vision to Trick (Rick Howland) after only a single episode. Usually this kind of sheot drags on and on, so kudos for getting it out in the open. Trick puts on a happy face, but it’s pretty clear that her confession spooks him. All of this to say: more Trick! I think this will give him a larger role to play and I’m psyched because this show can do better by him and Hale (K.C. Collins)
  • Best line of the night? Kenzi calling Bo “sugar crotch.” So wrong on so many levels and yet I’ll likely be using it as a term of endearment within the hour.

What did you think of the fighting storyline, Lost Girl fans? Were you surprised by Bo’s childhood? Did you find her reaction to Kenzi surprising (I did)? And what exactly is The Ash???

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10pm EST on Syfy

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