Girls review – 1×10: ‘She Did It’

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In what seemed like a Twilight Zone episode of Girls, Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) finally lost her virginity, Marnie (Allison Williams) made out with Bobby Moynihan, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) got married, and I finally started to like Adam (Adam Driver). Now I am really scaring myself. Let’s discuss.

After last week’s blowout which left Marnie and Hannah (Lena Dunham) on the outs, the episode started with Marnie moving out with the help of Hannah (okay, well she was there as support I guess) and Adam (let the brownie points start to add up). Is it me or was it weird that Marnie was the one moving out? After all, she was the one paying all the rent. It was nice to see that although they had a huge fight they were able to remain friendly. I am also secretly hoping that Marnie moves in permanently with Shoshanna because I really enjoy these two together.

Meanwhile, Jessa who had been MIA since her chat with Katherine (Kathryn Hahn), made a grand entrance in our WTF moment of the episode…nay, season. After last week’s illuminating discussion, Jessa decided to get married…to Thomas John (Chris O’Dowd), the creeper who wanted a threesome with her and Marnie. This turn of events was definitely out of left field. Actually this was out of the park. I mean, I kept waiting for one of them to wake up in some Dallas type dream where we find out that none of this happened and what we had all been witnessing all season was just some bizarro story made up by Hannah like the one from last week’s failed reading. But it wasn’t. Jessa had actually decided to get married and this made her feel like an adult…kind of. On the one hand, it does make some sense that Jessa would do something this impulsive, but on the other, I wish we could’ve been given some scenes where her and John to actually have some sort of chemistry growing. Unfortunately this left a huge hole in the story which we were left to fill in. Although I was happy to see Chris O’Dowd again, even as a creeper, he still looks so cuddly.

Jessa wasn’t the only one making weird love connections on the episode, Marnie who seemed to be very zen through the whole episode, ended up connecting with the Justice of the Peace, played by Moynihan. Has Marnie embraced the ‘live freely’ mantra that Jessa was trying to push on her in episode 4? Out of all the girls, Marnie was the one to completely embrace the wedding and just have fun. She even made nice with Charlie (Christopher Abbott) who tried to convince her of a bathroom romp. Surprisingly, she passed on this and went on to flirt and make out with Moynihan. Was she drunk? They did seem to focus a lot on her downing those champagne glasses. I’m hopinh we’ll know what was going through her mind next season.

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And then there was Shoshanna who was not pleased about the secret wedding she had been casually invited to, especially considering she wore a white dress. Bitch, you never wear white to somebody else’s wedding. You could practically feel her anxiety through the television, and it was brilliant. Luckily for her, Ray (Alex Karpovsky) was there to make her feel better. After their late night groin massage, I think I wasn’t alone in hoping to see these two hook up. Yes, Shoshanna finally lost her virginity. Hopefully next season she is given a juicier storyline than just her virginity. Maybe a romance with Ray?

And speaking of romance, Hannah and Adam continued their courtship which gave me my own private wtf moment of the episode: I actually started liking Adam. Throughout the episode he was sweet and funny and he finally told Hannah what we had all been thinking. (Major brownie points) After insinuating that he would move in with Hannah after Marnie left, Hannah started feeling uncomfortable with the speed of their relationship. It certainly didn’t help seeing Adam get emotional at Jessa’s wedding. This led her to invite Elijah (Andrew Rannells) to move in with her. This turn of events angered Adam and he left the party only to wait for her outside. What really drove it home for me with Adam was the argument he and Hannah had near the end of the episode. This was one of the best written scenes of the season. Hannah laid out all her insecurities on the table only to have Adam tell her, “Holy fucking shit. Here’s the world’s smallest, tiny violin playing ‘My Heart Bleeds For You.’ Fuck you! You don’t know struggle.” And while I sympathize with Hannah’s weight issues, it certainly isn’t in the running for world’s biggest struggle.

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Adam’s outburst felt almost cathartic in its anger. It was like he was channeling all of our collective annoyance at Hannah. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Hannah as a character, but she has been a somewhat unsympathetic person this season and it felt good to see somebody finally telling her exactly what she needed to hear. In his fit of anger Adam didn’t take the time to look at what was coming down the street and he was sideswiped by a cab. Nothing major but he had to be rushed away in an ambulance, one that he subsequently kicked Hannah out of.

Hannah was left there alone, so she got on a subway to go home but fell asleep and woke up the next morning near Coney Island with only the left over wedding cake. (Side note – the close up of Hannah’s purse was a little much. I am pretty sure we would’ve noticed that her purse was stolen.) And there on the beach, the first season of Girls ended with Hannah, looking relaxed for once, sitting in the sun eating the cake. A very Soprano like ending, but one fitting this show. The episode capped off what was a season full of highs and lows, but one that ultimately had me looking forward to the next episode. And while this finale was more of a let down, I do look forward to the second season. If only to see if Jessa is actually still married.

Best lines of the night:

Hannah: “Let’s consider it water under my vagina.” Talking about Elijah’s confession that he did in fact give her HPV.

Ray: “Don’t just think. That’s an extremely unattractive feature of your generation.”

Shoshanna: “Everyone’s a dumb whore.” Exposing her real feelings after being the witness to a season full of dumb choices by her friends.

What did you guys think of the episode, or of the season? Did you see that cab coming? Where you also thinking WTF through most of the episode? What did you make of the final scene?

3 thoughts on “Girls review – 1×10: ‘She Did It’

  1. I expected more out of Jessa’s wedding dress at the very least. What happened to the traveler in her though? Did I miss out on something?

    • No you didn’t miss anything. I was as perplexed about this turn of events as you were and many people were. It definitely felt out of left field.
      And yes, that wedding dress was boring, not something I would have pictured her in. Especially after that evil bird queen costume she wore to the party.