Teen Wolf recap – 2×02: ‘Shape Shifted’

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After a triumphant (and frequently shirtless) return to the airwaves last night, the second part of Teen Wolf premiere continues to re-establish our characters and their various conflicts. This includes more info on newbie werewolf, Isaac (Daniel Sharman).

Let’s bitch it out…The second episode of the season is all about Isaac. If anyone had any doubts about his lycanthrope status, those were erased fairly quickly when a cut on his face instantly heals in the teaser. Throughout the course of ‘Shape Shifted’ the troubled boy’s abusive father is killed (no loss there), he gets hauled off to jail and ends up on the receiving end of a lesson I like to call “getting your ass handed to you” by Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)*. It’s not the physical smackdown Scott (Tyler Posey) repeatedly got in season one – this is more like a growly stare-down. But man, can those red eyes can knock the wolf right out of you!

*Side Note: Derek at the police station: is that the worst pick-up line in history? Do women actually fall for stuff like that?!

Part of the fun of this episode is watching the youngsters come together like a super team: Allison (Crystal Reed) takes out her father’s henchmen, who somehow manages to sneak past the front desk woman at the police station despite a) not being a real cop and b) having an arrow stuck in his leg. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is the getaway driver and fire-escape puller extraordinaire and Scott is…well, I guess Scott is the knight in shining armour considering that not even a padlocked freezer can keep him away from his gf when she sees a reptile-werewolf (repwolf?)

So what is that thing? Clearly this is the season two big bad (much in the vein of season one’s Alpha). Are we meant to begin guessing who this might be? My money is still on Chemistry teacher, Mr. Harris. No one should enjoy terrorizing students as much as he does!

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Other Observations:

  • There’s still a question mark hanging above teen photographer Matt’s (Stephen Lunsford) head about what his role he plays in all this. In 2×02, he’s merely a service provider for all of Jackson’s AV needs (and a pocket in which to shove money in – kinky!). Jury’s still out on whether this guy exists as a foil for Scott/Allison, but his question about Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) intentions for her suggests that Matt does in fact “have a crush”
  • Speaking of Jackson: I think that he may just be the most pathetic character on this show (runner-up candidate: Holland Roden’s Lydia). He’s so desperate to be special and different, but even after surviving Derek’s bite and a case of the black runs in ‘Omega’, Jackson still doesn’t change during the full moon. I kinda like that he isn’t a werewolf. Not only does it ensure that not every character on the show becomes one (a problem The Vampire Diaries is beginning to face as they run out of humans), but it continues to bring out the bitter old queen in Jackson. And when he’s being a whiny beyotch, he seems to take off his top a lot. See: everyone wins!
  • I promise not to bring up the ridiculous nudity too often as this episode kept it more in check that the premiere, but how hilarious is that scene of Jackson posing like a werewolf in front of the mirror? Almost as hilarious as Scott tackling and sniffing his lacrosse teammates. Between Scott’s sniffing, Stiles’ over-the-top locker full of chains and Jackson’s “sex tape” video, it’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t think these boys are sexual deviants
  • It’s amusing to know that date night in the Argent house involves an electronic cattle prod and a member of the Beacon Hills faculty. You just know that if Argent (JR Bourne) and Victoria (Eaddy Mays) weren’t hunters, they would be swingers. Come on – you know it makes total sense!
  • Is anyone surprised when Grandpa Slayer, aka Gerard (Michael Hogan) turns up as the new principal? It’s a nice, organic way to ensure that Grandpa remains at the core of the story, though considering how often these kids are at school, this may or may not actually pay off
  • Finally, Danny’s (Keahu Kahuanui) aftershave is Armani. In the words of MTV sister show, Awkward, “You’re welcome.

That’s it for premiere week for the show. What did you think of Jackson’s non-transformation: unexpected? Disappointing? Both? What do you think that villain is, exactly, and who do you think it might be? Are we happy that Isaac has joined the pack? And how will Stiles talk himself out of the fiasco at the police station? Tune in next week for more Teen Wolf (and likely fewer shirts)

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 9pm EST on MTV

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3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf recap – 2×02: ‘Shape Shifted’

  1. I quite liked Teen Wolf in its first season, but it really seems to have found its feet in season two. These first two episodes were great fun, dark when then needed to be, gory in places too. Hot new title sequence really gives the show a feel all of its own and it’s almost as slick as something The CW would put together.

    I think it’ll more than ease the summertime Vampire Diaries cravings!