Girls recap – 1×07: ‘Welcome to Bushwick, a.k.a. The Crackcident’

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After last week’s Hannah-centric (Lena Dunham) episode, we find the girls back together, in the funniest episode to date, heading to Bushwick to attend a warehouse party. While the intention was to attend the “best party ever,” the evenings festivities were complicated by the various men in their lives…and Ray (Alex Karpovsky).

Let’s bitch out…Shortly after getting to the party, Marnie (Allison Williams) decides that she needs to say hello to Charlie (Christopher Abbott). This is the first time they have seen each other since the break up and while everything starts out mature and cordial, they deteriorate pretty quickly when Charlie’s new lady love, Audrey, shows up. Marnie is shocked and visibly upset about this development, and it doesn’t help that Audrey has no idea who she is. “Are you one of those real housewives?” HA! (This was the second best insult of the night.) Marnie bolts and spends the rest of the party complaining, first to a complete stranger, then to Elijah (Andrew Rannells), Hannah’s gay ex boyfriend, about her shitty situation.

Luckily for us Elijah ain’t havin’ none of it. After letting her go on for what I am sure must have felt like an eternity, he tells it like it is sister. After Marnie insults Hannah and calls her selfish, Elijah quickly points out that she is basically calling the kettle black. Oh snap! He continues to spill truth bombs all over Marnie, which she does not take too kindly. She responds by calling him out for being in the closet while dating Hannah and then she hits him where it hurts the most: his theatre talent. Speaking of his role in their college production of Rent: “I don’t know whose dick you had to suck to get that role, cause your voice sounds like a bag of dying babies.” And there you have it: the night’s best insult! It’s so wrong, but you just can’t help but laugh out loud. Naturally Elijah slaps her and she bolts to find Hannah.

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And speaking of self-involved Hannah, she was back pining over Adam (Adam Driver), even though she told herself she wouldn’t talk to him. Big surprise. She spent most of the episode ignoring him at a safe distance…aka 10 feet. In the process, she runs into one of his friends, Tako (with a K), who spills the beans (pun definitely intended) that Adam is a recovering alcoholic. Not knowing this personal detail is a blow to Hannah as she realizes that she hardly knows anything about Adam (other than the largeness of his ears). But anyone who has seen him from 100 feet away can tell the enormity of those bad boys. She confronts him about his addiction and he takes a page out of Elijah’s book and rips into her (Girls: plenty o’ripping). “I’m not gonna fucking’ talk your ear off about shit you don’t ask about. You don’t wanna know me.” And there’s the truth again. Hannah, much like Marnie, is a selfish, self-involved little girl who never thought to ask about Adam. How could she know about his alcoholism or his love of books, considering she’s never bothered to ask him anything? Now – this does not mean that Adam is really just a misunderstood rebel who is great relationship material (let’s not get carried away), but he is right in calling Hannah out on her shit. She has basically been going over to his place to complain about her life this whole time while casually ignoring his. It’s nice to see Adam turns the tables on her.

Meanwhile, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) showed up to the party in her best updated version of the Bjork swan dress (Seriously, she was tonight’s style all-star). She also inadvertently invites her boss to join them when she receives a text from a stranger and decides to tell them about the party. I will admit that this storyline got on my nerves almost as much as Jessa does in general, but tonight proved me wrong. Let the world know that Jessa was actually my favorite part of the evening (gasp *clutches pearls*).

After being punched in the face by some guys Jessa insults, Jeff (James LeGros), bloodied and sitting in the hospital emergency room, tries to invite Jessa back to his place to “hang out.” Luckily Jessa seems to have an epiphany and refuses. Could this be character development? Could she honestly be thinking of someone other than herself? Although it’s too early to tell, this scene was a refreshing change from the other scenes of Hannah and Marnie making the same old, tired mistakes.

As for Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet)? Well, she has her own version of Run Lola, Run when she accidentally smokes crack thinking it’s pot. (Sidenote: Is that even possible?) Most of her evening is spent running around Bushwick with no pants on while Ray, Charlie’s friend, chases after her. In the end he catches up to her but gets kicked in the junk. After claiming self-defense and realizing that he’s a friend, Shoshanna proceeds to give him a totally “non-sexual” groin massage. Umm…yeah…whatever.

What did you think of the return of the three other titular girls? Are Hannah and Marnie made for each other? Are we now okay with Adam as boyfriend material for Hannah? Did you want to high five Jessa for turning Jeff down? And is Shoshanna gonna finally lose her virginity…with Ray? Let us know below!

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