GCB recap – 1×10: ‘Revelations’

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This week was the final episode for our gals (for this season at least), and like any good ole fashion finale it was packed with intrigue and cliffhanger moments. Did a show that with a bumpy start save the best for last and go out with a bang?

Let’s recap.

Perhaps it’s best if we start with what worked. Taking a cue from the most recent successful episodes, the ladies were grouped together, this time on a trip to Mexico. While the show can still work by separating the ladies, it’s at its best when they’re all together in a crazy storyline. And this week’s was pretty bizarre: Mexico, kidnapping, magic skin cream, blessing of a construction site, it’s all in there. My favorite scene was definitely when the ladies, who have been wandering the desert for hours, started losing hope and turning on each other. Having them all go mental is always a good idea and a recipe from some hilarious sound bites. Even if it leads to Amanda (Leslie Bibb) having a sip of Tequila. Of course they don’t always have to bicker for it to be enjoyable. I also enjoyed the touching moment shared by Amanda and Carlene (Kristin Chenoweth) after she revealed Ripp’s (David James Elliott) secret. It’s nice to see two sworn enemies come together, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment.

One of the best things about this episode (and the series) has been Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) who has transformed from devoted housewife to mogul in the making. Seeing her take such pride and pleasure from her ‘Losing it With Jesus’ company is such a treat. And what made it even better this week was her attempt to connect with “fellow mogul” Cricket (Miriam Shor). No one does sweet naiveté like Aspen. And no one does rage-filled annoyance like Shor. Together they make for dynamite television.

Now for what didn’t work.

For one thing it was the season finale and the cliffhangers were pretty lame, especially for a show so over the top like GCB.

  1. First off we find out that Ripp has a daughter: Um…ok (whatever)
  2. Then we find out that Sharon’s company has been sold to Cricket: Funny, but not major….
  3. Then we have Mason Massey (Grant Bowler) who discovers Blake’s (Mark Deklin) secret and wants to use it to pursue Cricket: Getting interesting….
  4. And finally, Amanda breaks it off with Luke (Eric Winter) only to make out with Pastor Tudor (Tyler Jacob Moore) in the last scene

Courtesy of ABC

Why didn’t someone get shot JR style? Someone like…oh just off the top of my head: Heather (Marisol Nichols)? Maybe someone could’ve gotten into a really bad car accident, like…say, Heather? Where was the big bang to make us salivate for a second season? Wasn’t this episode called ‘Revelations?’ A unforeseen daughter is like the desperate move a show introduces in its tenth season to keep it fresh! If your major cliffhanger is Amanda kissing Pastor Tudor, then you need to go watch some season finales from shows like The Vampire Diaries or Revenge. Even random episodes of those shows this season (not even the finales) have had better cliffhangers! I mean, the Amanda/Pastor Tudor hookup has obviously been coming for some time now. (Don’t get me wrong though, I actually like this match, it just didn’t feel like season finale cliffhanger material).

Cliffhangers aside, I also have to call the show out for negligent use of a guest star. They had the wonderful Sandra Bernhard and all they gave her was one scene with a few chuckles. Not even a song? Have they seen this woman in The King of Comedy or Hudson Hawk? For shame!! I was so excited to see her on the show after seeing her tweet about it, only to be disappointed by a lousy scene that ended so quickly that I wondered if she had been in the episode at all.

Ultimately, if I look back on this first season, I have to say that – bitchiness aside – this show has been a pleasant surprise. Watching the trailer, I freely admit that the show looked like a complete trainwreck. Then the pilot episode did nothing to change my mind, but over time subsequent episodes have brought me around to the ladies and all of their crazy shenanigans. The show is far from perfect, but it is a nice Sunday night guilty pleasure that I will admit I look forward to. Now while we wait to see if the show get’s a second season pickup (those numbers aren’t pretty), I thought I would list off a few suggestions for the show going (possibly) foward. In no particular order:

  • Flesh out the stories more: I know this is a crazy show, but that doesn’t mean you should rush through stories and forgo great storytelling. Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives (season 1) are great examples of this. The stakes need to be higher!
  • For the love of your Christian God, puhlease give Heather something interesting to do! There is potential there (Nichols is clearly game), but as it stands, Heather is a wasted character so far.
  • Give Annie Potts more crazy moments, this woman is hilarious! If you need a reminder, revisit Designing Women. It’s not like this is her first time at the rodeo.
  • If all else fails, give us more Cricket and Blake! I can’t stress this enough…hell, even if nothing else fails, give us more of this duo. They’re easily the most charming and funny couple on the show.

Best lines of the night:

  • Cricket (shoving Heather towards their kidnapper): “Juan Valdez might not understand English, but he certain as Hell understands sex. Work it!”
  • Gigi (as the ladies try to find their way in the desert of Mexico): “Sun rises in the East, and by my recollection, what I laughingly call civilization is this way.”
  • Cricket (to Sharon): “Oh, just because you start spewing some biblical humus, all of a sudden you’re Martha Stewart.”
  • Carlene: “What is the plural of Judas?”

Well, that’s it for GCB. Do you want another season with the ladies? Do you – like me – agree that Heather remains the weak link of the show? What would you recommend for the second season if it goes forward? Sound off below.

GCB has now concluded its first season. Check in in late May after the upfronts to see if GCB is picked up by ABC for season 2

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