Lost Girl recap – 2×01: ‘Something Wicked This Fae Comes’

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Boy, the events of the season finale of Lost Girl feel like they just happened yesterday. Alright…maybe it was last week. Thanks to the miracle of Syfy picking up the show for the second season, which just happens to already be in the can, we simply carry on this week without pause!

Let’s bitch it out…

All joking about the dramatically reduced window between the first and second season aside, the events of the finale last week do have some pretty serious implications for our characters. The most significant is the price Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) paid for helping to save Bo (Anna Silk) from her mother. Any hope that viewers – and Bo – had for a happy reunion is quashed early on as the curse is most definitely real: Dyson’s passion for Bo is gone. What’s worst? Losing the passion, or retaining the memories of their sweet, sweet carnal relationship? It’s a toss-up, I suppose. Naturally Dyson’s pretty upset about it, so much so that he’s been hitting up roadhouses for the last three weeks, beating up rednecks (and possibly sporting a Swayze-esque mullet?)

In the meantime a love-sick Bo has teamed up with Hale (K.C. Collins) to act as SPC-Fae, cleaning up all sorts of under-Fae who have gravitated to the city following The Ash’s (Cle Bennett) coma. Guess that Chippendale-bomb was pretty powerful, after all. The problem is that with The Ash weakened, his connection to the earth (which establishes the city as Light Fae territory and protects the humans living there) is tenuous. Enter a band of cursed souls seeking an opportunity to break the bond and steal the land for themselves. Who could have such a devious plot? Carnies! And how do they steal the land? By boinking some hot chick trapped in a rock!

But wait! There’s a catch: they don’t have enough energy to sustain the sex act with her (remember that The Ash is incredibly powerful…or maybe he just has big feet, ifyouknowhatImean?). So the Carnies need to channel sexual energy (from humans, natch). And where can they find that much sexual energy? A rave! Oh, Lost Girl: your propensity for naughty bits and outdated cultural fads is both charming…and so 90s (Goth nightclubs, speed dating and now raves? It’s like we’re stuck in a time warp!)

Courtesy of Showcase / Syfy via TV Rage

Let’s face it, the specifics of the ‘case of the week’ are less important than the personal stuff. What we’re really meant to care about in this premiere is all things Dyson and Bo. He doesn’t know how to deal with their lost love and he can’t bring himself to tell her. She’s pissed (exhibit A: punching him in the face when she first sees him), but she’s been worried and now she doesn’t understand why he’s pulling away.

It should be good stuff – Silk and Holden-Ried certainly sell the crap out of it -but it all feels a touch blah. I’m not going to lie: as a primer for a season’s worth of dramatic conflict, it’s good groundwork (sexually compatible leads who can’t be together = good TV). As a viewer, though, this isn’t exactly the direction any fanboy or girl wants their show to go (exhibit B: TVAngie crying to me about Christina and Owen’s dysfunctional relationship on Grey’s Anatomy). I appreciate that it gives the show somewhere to go and it cools them down to early season 1 levels, but this is far too reminiscent of 90s genre staple Dark Angel, the Jessica Alba-James Cameron collabo about mutants on the run. Alba’s character was constantly on the verge of hooking up with the main guy, Michael Weatherly (now on NCIS – random!) and then between S1 and 2 she gets injected or contracts something that will kill him if they touch. Great, right? Sexually compatible leads who can’t be together…except – oh wait…it’s fabricated sci-fi Moonlighting BS wherein shows can’t let their protagonists be happy because then they might become boring. Ugh.

So let’s all cross our fingers (and maybe flay someone like the Carnies do) in the hopes that this is not the road Lost Girl will take us down. Thus far the show has been good at balancing expectations and unexpected twists, so I’m willing to give it the benefit of a doubt. Heck, we’ve got 21 more episodes in this season to sort things out!

Other Observations:

  • Is it just me or is this episode a lot more disgusting than usual? The flayed skin being dragged towards the fire was particularly gag-worthy. The idea of a sword being kept in someone’s back, on the other hand? That’s pretty cool.
  • Not a lot of hope for the Bo / Lauren (Zoie Palmer) shippers: Lauren is hard at work keeping The Ash alive, though she does come out to party by grossing Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) out with her talk of different types of flayers (mmm…tastes like chicken). There’s a nice moment when she falls asleep on Bo’s couch from exhaustion and for a moment, they kinda look adorbs and domesticated. Sigh
  • So is The Ash’s temporary replacement, Elder Porter (Dennis O’Connor) gone for good after being exposed as the traitor helping the Carnies? I certainly hope so because as comedic relief he sucked. Doddering old fools do not = good TV
  • The fallout from Trick’s (Rick Howland) use of his BloodMage instruments in the finale remains unclear. Might it have something to do with the apocalyptic warning delivered to Bo by the ghostly child at the close of the episode? “Something old has awoken. Something terrible.” Man…if I had a quarter every time I heard that! But seriously, are we sure this show isn’t the second coming of Buffy because that sounds suspiciously like “from beneath you, it devours’ – the warning ushered in 7×02 ‘Beneath You’

Best Lines:

  • Kenzi: “UnderFae: Collect the whole set”
  • Kenzi (hearing the definition of flayed): “Oh whorf”
  • Bo (taking credit for an answer she’s just found in a book): “I’m super smart” It’s all in Silk’s delivery. Seriously – she’s been on fire these last few episodes!
  • Hale (elaborating on the Carnies’ plan to have sex with the rock-chick): “Pounding some ground”
  • Porter (to Kenzi): “Hey you, meat bag…”
  • Kenzi (talking about the sexual gathering at the rave): “The magical boinking”
  • Bo (confronting the head Carny during coitus with her hand at shoulder level): “So do you have to be this horny to ride this ride?” I’m serious, gang, she is approaching Buffy-esque levels with these pre-fight quips

What did you think of the second season premiere, Lost Girl fans? Enough angst for you? Wishing for more Bo-Lauren time? Excited for new levels of danger and apocalypse? Sound off below!

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10pm EST on Syfy.

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