Happy Endings recap – 2×21: ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)’

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I will admit I was a little misty eyed watching the season finale of Happy Endings. Maybe it was because I knew I won’t see another new episode until the fall, or perhaps it was because I always cry at weddings. It could also have been the sweet “maybe” reunion of Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), but most likely it was the beautiful rendition of ‘Like a Prayer’ from one of my favorite boy bands, Mandonna. God Bless Pitchy Pete! (Eat your heart out The Wanted!)

Let’s discuss.

I love a good gay wedding, and in the history of primetime television comedies, there have only been a few to speak of. There was the over the top gayest one of all, Leon and Scott’s wedding on Roseanne (8×11), and the classic lesbian wedding on Friends (2×11). Derrick (Stephen Guarino) and Eric’s (Nate Smith) wedding falls pretty much in the middle. Surprisingly the wedding was pretty much D-R-A-M-A free. That’s if you don’t count the cutbacks that Eric was forced to make after blowing all of his money on the Cleopatra-esque ‘Save the date’. Note to self: The world needs more confetti cannons. Now is it me or did Derrick look perfectly comfortable sitting with the gang at breakfast? Ya’ll know we need to get some more D-Rock for season three! But enough about the guest star, let’s get to the gang.

In a bit of a surprise, Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) loses his job this week. Although it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to him since his boss has been giving him hints for a few weeks, it is a hard pill to swallow and an even harder truth to give to Jane (Eliza Coupe). But as I have learned from all those Oprah Lifeclasses I’ve been watching, the truth shall set you free. Amen sister! Or was it something about your ego? No wait, it was about walking through fire, or on fire…yeah, walk on fire and your dreams will come true. Of course this means no more stinky cheeses, which is a real shame cause that is some good funk. While Brad evaded the topic throughout most of the episode, Jane weasels her way into the wedding party…or rather plots her way in. (Was this the return of Evil Jane??) The plot thickens! I do hope they explore Brad’s new unemployed status next season as it could make for some fun storylines.

Meanwhile in the “will they/won’t they” department, the writers decide to amp up the Alex, Dave and Penny (Casey Wilson) love triangle that has been hinted at all season. Penny and Dave have a moment, and – of course – things get complicated when she catches Dave in Alex’s room. I have to say that I do enjoy how this show hints at this love triangle instead of making it a big focus of the series. For one thing we don’t get the chase fatigue that we sometimes do with other series (I’m talking to you Friends). Penny isn’t heartbroken too long since her Skype flirting skills come in handy with Chris (hunky guest star Brian Austin Green). The real cliffhanger is definitely Alex and Dave hand in hand. Are they back together? Did they agree just to be friends? Argh!! Why do I have to wait almost six months to see what happens??

Finally, the highlight of the night is definitely the reunion of the all-male Madonna cover band, Mandonna. Not to be confused with Material Earl. Of course the reunion almost doesn’t happen because Max (Adam Pally) has body image issues and feels that he can’t recapture the magic. I love when sensitive Max comes out to play, and having him worry about his weight is a great end to a season that saw him mostly as a human garbage disposal. Am I right??? As a result the final musical number is pure magic, so take that, Smash!

Best lines of the night:

  • Alex (referring to Derick and Eric): “Do you realize that their Brangelina name is gonna be Deric! W-w-w-wait…it can also be Errick…Woah, did we smoke weed?”
  • Brad (on future job prospects): “Bank a hundred mil, then become the first black sheriff on Mars…or Arizona, whichever comes first.”
  • Max: “I am so glad I don’t get invested in your boyfriends of the week that I only hear about through dialogue.”
  • Max: “Oh my God, it’s the Mandonna guys. Hide me under your unneccesary hat.”
  • Jane: “Look at me. Two hours ago I wasn’t even in this wedding and now I run this bitch.”

What did you guys think? Are you hoping, like I am, to see the release of Mandonna’s single on iTunes? Who are you rooting for, Betty or Veronica…er…I mean, Alex or Penny? And how will Brad’s joblessness play out next season?

Happy Endings has concluded its sophomore season on ABC. It does not yet have a return air date.

3 thoughts on “Happy Endings recap – 2×21: ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)’

  1. I also love the love triangle, and, so far, don’t have favorites. Loved, loved, loved Max this week – too amazing that he has to poop after all that agony and struggle to dress his lower half. And his awkward – not at all sexy – crawling in the first bit of the Mandonna scene is genius! I loved this episode.

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