Lost Girl recap – 1×12: ‘(Dis)Members Only’

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After last week’s disappointing episode, I was curious to see whether the show would rebound in anticipation of the forthcoming season finale. With only one episode remaining, what kind of set-up is Lost Girl planning? Apparently very little…

Let’s bitch it out…

Case of the week: The main story focuses primarily on Bo and Dyson working a case at a nouveau riche country club whose members seem unusually wealthy even as the illegal immigrant staff disappear. It’s a rote, overly familiar story that the show has already done with ‘Oh Kappa, My Kappa’ only this time Dyson also gets to go undercover. In all actuality, the entire case feels like little more than an excuse to put our succ-wolf couple into a happy place so that the end of the episode has more impact.

Long story short: rich white folk sacrifice the wait-staff to a Dark Fae called a Land Wight. This Fae assumes the form of the indigenous plant life in its home turf and secretes good luck into products grown in its fertilized soil, including delicious Soylent Green-esque yams and tomatoes!

Undercover Stints: Bo and Dyson as a married couple. (Team Lauren eat your hearts out!) I don’t really get the haterade from various people about their outfits, because these two make white and tan outfits look good. Also, it’s mildly amusing that Bo works for the UN helping people.

Kenzi Hair-o-meter: No real crazy hair, though Kenzi also gets in on the covert action, posing as an illegal immigrant. Not only does her accent sound vaguely Asian, but why the hell does she pick Ecaudor? It’s all very misplaced and kinda offensive. Add to this randomness, instead of being funny Kenzi, she’s super annoying/petulant Kenzi, who does nothing but complain about how she has to work while Bo and Dyson get to vacation. Her moral outrage against rich people makes very little sense and seems to come out of nowhere. It’s like someone replaced our Kenzi with a traditional poorly written generic “sidekick” character from a weaker sci-fi show.

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Bo Personal development: The sole saving grace of the episode are the developments on the Bo-Dyson relationship front. After being propositioned by club chairman, Mitch (Jonathan Higgins) and his trophy wife, Chloe (Amy LaLonde), Dyson and Bo have an angry-affectionate fight and confess that they belong to each other. Once again Dyson tries to tell Bo what she can’t do (be monogamous, due to her succubus nature). This encourages her to reassert her authority (first by elaborating that his wolf nature doesn’t have him chasing rabbits all the time, but also that she’s fighting her nature). There is a lot of naked honesty in their conversation, despite the slightest tinge of falsehood since we know that Dyson is keeping something from her. But it makes him want to come clean, which is something right?

Alas he doesn’t get the chance because Saskia (Inga Cadranel) shows up and attacks him. Earlier she tries to convince Bo to play with her, but after the way they left things in ‘The Mourning After’ Bo is having none of her succubus games (despite promises of rock stars and 24/7 orgies!). It’s clear that Saskia truly believes that Bo is “the lamest succubus ever” and that her relationship with Ken-doll Dyson is to blame. Hence the suck attack at the police station.

It leads to the physical confrontation I’ve been waiting for since 1×09 and ends only when Bo actually stabs Saskia in the gut with a broken chair leg (hardcore!). Afterwards, Bo manages to revive Dyson by giving him some of her chi – the first time she’s ever done this. As much as Saskia has become a villain, she’s still bringing out additional succubus talents in our girl (albeit for all the wrong reasons)

Sexnanigans: Aside from the swingers at the country club, there’s only some implied action between Bo and Dyson after they have their heart to heart talk about belonging together. And really, if they don’t make nookie after that, then I don’t know what merits it! Pledging yourself to someone deserves a little horizontal action.

Other Observations:

  • The only other important element is that Saskia has something to do with the secret Dyson plans to share with Bo. As she feeds on/rapes him (in between bouts of calling him “bitch”) she indicates that she is the one he is looking for. Whatever that means…

Best Lines:

With Kenzi in beyotch mode, there aren’t many great lines this week:

  • Bo (upon seeing Mitch in speedo) : “I would say that he’s not hiding enough.”
  • Kenzi: “I am murder Fae-bait. When they murder me, I am never talking to you again.” An amusing line, but considering that they’ve already discovered the nature of the plant-sacrifice scheme, why does Kenzi even need to come back to the club? Her attitude and behaviour in this episode, even if she’s not fond of rich people, feels really fabricated. Boo on this Kenzi!

So clearly the only reason to watch tonight is for the final moments with Saskia, Dyson and Bo. So where does that leave us? Looks like Saskia remains in the picture big time in the finale and that little gut wound has not endeared her to Bo. Any predictions on what happens? Sound off below.

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10pm EST on Syfy.

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