Happy Endings recap – 2×19: ‘You Snooze, You Bruise’

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In this week’s episode, Dave (Zachary Knighton) gets bullied, Jane (Eliza Coupe) takes it easy, Max (Adam Pally) goes to the gym and my favorite guest star returns. It’s D-Rock (Stephen Guarino) y’all!!! DRAAAMMAAA!!!

Let’s get to it.

I don’t know about you, but I hate gyms. Just ask cinephilactic! In the four years of my gym membership I think I’ve gone maybe five times. Of course I never experienced it like Max does. And this is one of the reasons why this is such a great episode. On the whole it has two really successful storylines and it delivers some hilarious material throughout both. Dave being bullied at the gym is so wonderful (well…not bullying, but rather the reactions of Knighton, as the confused victim and Pally, as the friend who is shamelessly attracted to the bully). The writers have really found a great way to play up the strengths of Knighton as the loveable doofus. His interactions with the bully, Corey (Bobby Moynihan) are pitch perfect. Not to mention that we also learn that Max used to be Joseph Reynolds and he faked his own death. Wait…wha??? Additionally, we learn – perhaps unsurprisingly – that Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) used to be a bully. Boy, those Kerkovich sisters are a scary duo. I definitely need to see more of these badass ladies. Jane can be the brains and Alex can be the muscle.

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The best part of the episode for me is the return of D-Rock. I was so excited to see Derrick bring back his bigger than life personality and those seriously short shorts. The man is all legs! Whenever he’s featured in an episode he’s such a breath of fresh air. He is seriously the gay yin to Max’s gay yang. He is what made me fall head over heels for this show. I really enjoyed the first season but his introductory episode is by far the best part of season 1. He had me at “Stupid bitch!” – which is why I am sure they brought him back for the season finale and again for ‘You Snooze, You Bruise’. He seriously needs to be a regular guest star on this show. The scene of he and Max doing the homo-slow-mo is by far one of the funniest things I have seen on television this season. I don’t know about you but I want to go to a gym where people are doing the homo-slow-mo. No word of a lie: I’m doing the homo-slow-mo right now listening to some Janet Jackson.

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Meanwhile, Jane decides to take Penny’s (Casey Wilson) advice and “sleep on it” when it comes to other people’s opinions about the rooftop patio in her building. Doing so leaves her in a relaxed state…and super baggy pants. (Seriously what were those? Gaucho pants?) Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) is initially excited about the idea of living free and easy. But, like a kid who experiences life without parents, he quickly became anxious as things start to fall apart. I love that Alex the bully comes to the rescue and bullies Jane back into her manic ways.

This is definitely an example of a stellar episode that plays to all the characters strengths and delivers on the funny. Although most of the actors don’t really have much to do, they are given material that suits them and they capitalize on it. I hardly mentioned Penny but she is hilarious. I sometimes wonder why she only made it through one season of SNL because she is frigging hilarious!! (Editor’s Note: Perhaps she was too funny for SNL?) Meh, all I have to say is ‘eat your heart out Lorne Michaels’! She’s our Penny now!

Best lines of the night:

  • Max: “What if Corey sees you and yells at you and it’s too sexy and we fall in love?”
  • Penny: “Why are you dressed like Josh Brolin from The Goonies?”
    Max: “You noticed!”
  • Brad: “I like my bad boys with vaginas.”
  • Dave: “Did you guys just hear him call me bitch?”
    Derrick: “Yeah, and not in a good way like, hey bitch your skin is amazing. I want to cut it off. I hate you.”
  • Max: “Homo-slow-mo”

What did you think, Happy End-ers? Were you as excited as I was to see Derrick return? Was it distasteful to do an episode on bullying (or have Max be attracted to one)? Do you like calm Jane or manic Jane? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Endings airs on Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST on ABC

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  1. Heya, I just hopped over to your web page thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might usually browse, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making some thing well worth reading.

    • Hey I am glad you enjoyed the post. This show is seriously one of my favorites. I will be back recapping what is sure to be a stellar third season in september.

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