GCB recap – 01×03: ‘Love is Patient’

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Clutch my pearls!! We’ve got a little intrigue on GCB. As the show starts to settle into it’s groove in week three, the creators finally decide to give us a little intrigue involving the deceased husband of Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb). In an episode that focuses heavily on relationships, is it good enough to keep my relationship with the show on good terms?

Let’s find out.It was pretty obvious that Bill Vaughn’s indiscretion would not be so easily put aside. Seems that ole’ Bill, before running off a cliff, came back to Texas and swindled Ripp Cockburn (David James Elliott) out of a few million dollars. Ripp believes Amanda might know something and decides to find out anything he can. It’s not the most original storyline but I will let it slide – if only because it feels good to see David James Elliott do something (anything?) interesting. But I am definitely taking bets as to how long it takes for the creators to “bring back” Mr. Vaughn from the dead. Whaa? He faked his death??? Insert unimpressed face.

We’ll have to wait to see how this plays out. So far Ripp is able to get some of Amanda’s personal secrets through her Bill-pinata. (Can you find those online? Cause I would definitely love a Limbaugh-pinata)

Apart from this little piece of chicanery, the episode focuses heavily on relationships. I have to single out Miriam Shor, as Cricket, again this week. She has really proven herself to be the breakout star of this series. Her character and storyline are the most interesting and she has been given much more to do than all the other women. I will admit that a gay cowboy sounded the cliche bell in my head, but I am really enjoying the relationship between Cricket and Blake (Mark Deklin). They may not be the model of a perfect couple, but their friendship is one of the best parts of the show. I just love how they get competitive and fist bump!

Courtesy of ABC

In other storyline news, Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) confronts Zach (Brad Beyer) about his infidelity. I was getting worried they were going to drag that nugget along for a few more episodes. As much as I understand the point of this storyline, I find it tiresome to see her blame Amanda. I get that sometimes women blame other women but it was starting to feel forced and cloying. Sharon’s outburst at the end made me throw up my cowboy hat and yell, “Hell Yeah!!!” (Ok so I don’t have a cowboy hat and I have never really said “Hell Yeah”…like ever. But sometimes I dream that I might be in a Carrie Underwood video).

This week we are also treated to a real storyline for Heather (Marisa Nichols). Our show’s wallflower (aka snoozefest) is given her first solo outing. Just like a big girl! And what a storyline! (Please note the sarcasm) It is really sad to see this character be given such side line duties. For me she has the most potential as a character, including possible story arcs. She was the 99% and worked her way into the 1% for crying out loud! Instead they have her running around flirting with an old school friend who has become a rich computer geek. Le bore! Don’t get me wrong, Tom Everett Scott is a charming actor, but dear lord what a boring character and a boring would-be couple.

Other considerations for the evening:

  • Never leave Annie Potts on the sideline – she is the star player
  • Where are the good ol’ cat fights? We talked about Dynasty last week and still no lily pond fights. Bring on the damn lily ponds!
  • That preacher is cute…just sayin’ (Oh don’t blame me for looking because you were looking, too!)

Best lines of the night

  • Cricket: “Just Google ‘holy spirit’ and ‘horny’ and check out the Bible bookstore.”
  • Sharon: “After your homily on volunteerism, the ladies and I decided to roll up our sleeves and drive Juan, Feliciano and Jorge right on down here!”
  • Cricket: “I don’t remember the exact verse, but the Bible’s full of that kind of whoop-ass”

What did you think of ‘Love is Patient’? Do you think Cricket is the MVP for the show? Are you glad that the Sharon/Brad stuff has been addressed? And do you feel uncomfortable for Leslie Bibb whenever you see her in her Boobylicious uniform? Sound off below!

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