Happy Endings recap – 2×17: ‘The Kerkovich Way’

Courtesy of ABC

Penny (Casey Wilson) and Max (Adam Pally) do their best John Hughes tribute, while Jane (Eliza Coupe) goes full-on evil mastermind, complete with evil looking kitty.  Let’s recap!

Now I love a good John Hughes movie, (especially one with Molly Ringwald!! I also wanted to be Pretty in Pink), so I was excited that the storyline with Penny (Casey Wilson)and Max (Adam Pally) would be referencing the movies of the late, great director. As a whole though, it definitely lacks. It has some good moments, but it falls short for me. I feel like Community has spoiled me with their brilliant riffs on and homages to pop culture. The whole time I watched Max and Penny last night I just kept thinking, “Community would totally kill this” (Side Note: I am beyond excited about its return next week).

Now this is not to say that the storyline was boring. As usual Casey Wilson was hilarious. I love the scene where she gets caught eating a doughnut by her nemesis, Julie (Morgan Walsh), only to be caught by her again in the next scene eating floor pie. Wilson really has a way of selling her brand of desperation. And the race to the finish is great, especially the slow motion shot of Penny whipping Max with a stuffed toy. Max is solid as ever, even if he is a little mopey this week. But then again I am too at the realization that Grant (James Wolk) isn’t going to show up with those doe eyes and charming grin (sigh). I do wish  Penny and Max had been given more to do though.

Courtesy of ABC

MVP this week has to go to Jane, or Evil Jane (as we came to realize). After last week’s shocking ending where Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) ended up in bed together, Jane and Alex conspire to Kerkovich their way out of it by making Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Dave believe it never happened. And they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!! Ruh roh!

I always knew that Jane had an evil side to her, but it is deliciously good fun to see Coupe as an Evil mastermind. Her icy stare and iron clad determination to see her plot through is terrifyingly hilarious. The scene of her petting the white cat (a la Cee Lo Green) is so perfect. What is it about cats and leather chairs that signify evil masterminds? (That’s right Cee Lo, I’m on to you!!) I also have to point out that the whole episode I keep thinking how sharp and stylish Jane looks. I want more Evil Jane!! She makes Evil look so good.

But I am not gonna lie – I am a fan of Alex and Dave. They do have great chemistry together. But I am happy that they decided to leave them as friends, for now at least. If only to let us hope for a Dave and Penny hook up! What do you guys think? Are Alex and Dave meant to be? Should Dave ditch the blonde and move on to Penny, his true soul mate? Let’s hear it!

Best lines this week.

>Penny: “Year of Penny!”
Max: “The year’s been over for for a couple months now Pen.”
Penny: “Well not the fiscal year of Penny. Suck it taxpayers!”

>Jane: “I did not push that guy out of the way because he was French. I pushed him out of the way because he was moving slow, like a damn French.”

>Brad: “Guilt trips, my feline friend. That’s the Williams way.”

Happy Endings airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST on ABC (or City TV in Canada)