Ringer recap – 1×15: ‘PS You’re An Idiot’

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Ringer inches closer to its first (only?) season finale with a mixed-bag entry: several story elements were intriguing, while others were laughably terrible. So essentially it’s business as usual!

Let’s bitch it out…At this point you’re either on board for the show’s bizarre mixture of insanity and terrible plotting/characterizations or not. After fifteen episodes, what’s a few more to see if this ship can right its course before it hits the rocks, right?

‘PS You’re An Idiot’ has several things working for it. One is that they pull a nice (if slightly obvious) triple cross with Catherine (Andrea Roth) and Jason Dohring’s Mr. Carpenter (does he even have a first name?). Initially I was all eye rolls and groans when it was revealed that Catherine manipulated her daughter into the whole “false rape-extortion” plot last week, and then I nearly lost an eye to the excessive rolling that happened when it was suggested that Catherine would double-cross Juliet (Zoey Deutch) because she was sleeping with Carpenter. When Juliet saw the financial consequences of her actions – selling a ridiculously expensive loft that no one has visited since the third episode?! Daddy, say it ain’t so! – she threatens to spill the beans on the whole deal, prompting a hasty exit by Catherine and Carpenter. My notes read: ‘Do they expect us to believe that these two are interested in each other for more than sex?” (Side Note: Clearly I should know better than to consider proper character motivation on this show).

So how nice is it when Catherine pulls a triple-cross and steals the money back from Carpenter, penning the titular line in her getaway note. These little touches solidify that when the show wants to be sly, it can actually be kinda clever. Kudos for that, Ringer. (Of course, then they go and blow it by confirming that Catherine paid someone to beat up Tessa. Soooo obvious)

Now whether or not you have the same reaction to the “twist” at the episode’s end – that Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is the one behind Martin/Charles’ Ponzi scheme – depends on a few factors: a) whether you’ve ever watched television before and b) whether you actually give a fig about this stupid storyline (I’m snarky, huh?).

The fact that the show is hanging all of its loose plotlines – Siobhan’s big plan with Henry, the investment by his father-in-law, the economic future of Bridget and Andrew, etc – on corporate malfeasance is super dull. Is anyone watching this show to learn about data falsifying algorithms? I thought we like watching to jeer at the atrocious coats that SMG’s Bridget wears (man, was that brown one a winner or what?) and unfairly compare it with Revenge? I know some viewers will appreciate that Andrew isn’t the goody two-shoes we’ve been led to believe he is, but in my mind this only reinforces how uncertain the show is about its characters. He’s dumb enough to get duped by two wives (and an identical twin to boot), but smart enough to bilk investors for millions of dollars? But dumb enough not to be able to hide it from Malcolm (Mike Colter), a teacher with general (convenient) tech skills?

Not. Buying. It.

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Other Considerations:

  • The other big question mark is who is tipping off Forever Lila (Jaime Murray) that there’s a mole in Martin/Charles? She receives several texts from ‘Xerxes’ but that’s clearly not Siobhan, since the second text IDs that the mole is in Paris – which is where Siobhan is (unless the ‘mole’ is Justin Bruening’s Tyler?). Curious, curious.
  • In the opener we learn that Siobhan is having twins (visibly rendered in a hilarious french sonogram helpfully labeled with ‘La tete 1 et la tete 2’). Not only if she doubly pregnant (and suddenly showing despite only a few days passing), but the babies are Andrew’s. Awkward!
  • How hilarious is Henry’s (Kristoffer Polaha) pride at duping Bridget when she inquires about the contents of ‘her’ office and stealing a key? The simple fact that he still trusts Siobhan is evidence enough of what a dunce he is. PS., Henry, you’re an idiot.
  • While I can certainly appreciate Andrew’s frustration with Siobhan keeping secrets (about her dead son, Shawn), did he really think it was appropriate to start in with questions immediately after they got married? I’m pretty sure that you’re supposed to be doing other things on your wedding night. No wonder she turned into an ice queen…
  • Speaking on weddings, I’m sure that for many the whole ring-pop proposal was cheese-ball and over the top corny, but I can’t make fun of it because I literally just proposed using the exact same technique last weekend. I’m actually kind of terrified that Ringer and I are on the same wavelength. *Shudder*

What did you think, Ringer fans? Were you surprised by the Andrew and Catherine twists? Do you honestly believe that the drama with Carpenter and the money is done with? Who is Xerxes and what is his/her agenda? And finally, how terrible was the whole ’emergency wedding meeting’ group, complete with desperate dress lady and stereotypical gay planner? Oh, Ringer!

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4 thoughts on “Ringer recap – 1×15: ‘PS You’re An Idiot’

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  2. I hope this won’t be the last we see of the brilliant Jason Dohring because he was the sole reason I watched the show in the first place. I definitely want the Mr. Carpenter storyline to continue. I want to know what happens to him now.

    Amy Louise

    • Unfortunately I fear that is the last we’ve seen of him. Ringer hasn’t been overly kind to its guest stars so far (and continuity isn’t exactly their strong suit)

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