Smash recap – 1×03: ‘Enter Mr. DiMaggio’

Courtesy of NBC

This week on Smash we thankfully got less Katherine McPhee which made the episode much more bearable. Not many musical numbers – but we got a new character with some serious pipes to compensate and one that took an unpredictable Continue reading

Lost Girl recap – 1×06: ‘Food For Thought’

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Last week’s Lost Girl was a high for the series: it had great fights, interesting new Fae, and moved the Bo (Anna Silk) / Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) dynamic forward. This week’s episode, ‘Food For Thought’ proved just as solid as Continue reading

The Walking Dead recap – 2×09: ‘Triggerfinger’

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Last week AMC’s zombie show roared back to life with its Winter premiere and an absolutely gripping final showdown between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and a pair of human survivors armed with guns and malicious intent. Will the follow-up, ‘Triggerfinger,’ satisfy Continue reading

Once Upon A Time recap – 1×13: ‘What Happened To Frederick’

Courtesy of ABC via TVLine

Sooo…I haven’t been too kind to ABC’s fairytale show the last few weeks, but I swear it’s only because I think it has so much potential that it’s not living up to. Is tonight’s Prince Charming-centric episode a return to Continue reading

Checking-In: I Just Want My Pants Back – 1×02-1×04: ‘Baby Monkeys,’ ‘Never Trust a Moonblower,’ ‘Pecker Necklace’

Courtesy of MTV

After a few weeks on the air, the time has come to revisit a few shows. First on the docket: I Just Want My Pants Back, the MTV show about four hipter friends living in NY who lead wild and crazy lives Continue reading

The Secret Circle recap – 1×15: ‘Return’

Courtesy of The CW

A call to ‘Daddy’ two episodes ago pays off as John Blackwell (Joe Lando) arrives in Chance Harbour and his name is on everyone’s tongue. So why does this episode feel like so much of the same? Let’s bitch it Continue reading

30 Rock recap – 6×07: ‘The Tuxedo Begins’

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Today’s lesson: you can always count on Batman. After a lackluster episode last week, NBC lights up its bat signal and 30 Rock flies in to save the day. Let’s hand out this week’s awards… Like this:Like Loading…

Happy Endings recap – 2×14: ‘Everybody Loves Grant’


There’s nothing greater than the very beginning of a relationship, when you first start dating someone. There’s an innocence and anticipation that excites you and all you want to do is be alone with that person 24/7. Of course this Continue reading