Happy Endings recap – 2×14: ‘Everybody Loves Grant’

Courtesy of ABC

There’s nothing greater than the very beginning of a relationship, when you first start dating someone. There’s an innocence and anticipation that excites you and all you want to do is be alone with that person 24/7. Of course this period never lasts because you inevitably have to introduce your special someone to your friends. Now this can go two ways: 1) your friends love him and all is well or 2) your friends hate him and things go from sweet to sour. How did Max (Adam Pally) and Grant (James Wolk) fair up?

Let’s dish!With things between Max and Grant heating up, it was inevitable that Grant would spend time with the group. Max was, of course, very anxious about this because…well…the group hates everyone. But with everyone promising to be on their best behavior they all get together and Grant is a big hit. (How could he not be with those soulful eyes and that ideal brow thickness? I made sure to include the screen cap of him with his shirt off…you’re welcome).

Our favorite couple Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) can’t get enough of Grant. Brad starts to dress like him and Jane starts using his catchphrase. They even double-date-cheat with the new couple instead of spending time with Penny (Casey Wilson) and her new boyfriend, Sean (Mo Mandel), who no one cares about. This causes a fight between Brad and Jane, and Penny and her new boyfriend, all for the love of Grant (despite the fact that he’s only actually dating Max)

All this love for Grant makes Dave (Zachary Knighton) feel like his role as “the cool guy” in the group has been usurped. Feeling the pressure Dave ups his game and multiplies his cool factor the only way he knows how: shades, an indoor scarf and his catch phrase, “chillax.” So cool! I have to say that Knighton was spot on in this episode. Dave tends to get fewer dramatic scenes than the others which can sometimes make him seem unexciting, but Knighton’s uncool-cool attempts were so delightfully dorky, he really shined.

Max (aka the one who is actually dating Grant) naturally starts to worry that his perfect boyfriend might be a little too perfect. Feeling like he might not be good enough for him, Max decides to break up with him. But right when he is about to break the news to Grant over dinner – with all of the group present – Grant breaks down and shows his needy side by admitting that he was just trying to make a great impression on Max’s friends because he needs people’s approval.

Courtesy of ABC

Adam Pally did such a great job this week at playing vulnerable Max. It was so sweet to see how anxious he was about Grant. In the last post I lauded the show for finally giving Max something to do in season two. And this week’s episode reinforced that. I loved the scene when Max comes back from a date and worries about how fat he looked. It was absolutely endearing seeing him fidget and worry about what Grant thought of him, especially the lines “At one point I called appetizers ‘mappetizers’ and then I spent the whole rest of the date wondering if he heard that or if he cared. You know what? I’m going to text him just to make sure everything’s cool.” It was just such a genuine and hilarious reaction.

As a whole the episode was good, but not fantastic. There were definitely some hilarious scenes but what saved it was the charming chemistry between Adam Pally and James Wolk. Seeing those two together was so wonderful, it made me feel like I was in a new relationship (oh god…I am so alone). Side Note: I haven’t mentioned Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), and even though she wasn’t given much to do, she was still great in her scenes. That’s the great thing about these actors, even with little to do they still bring their A game.

Best lines of the night:

  • Max: “This is no time for jokes, you guys, especially when I’m the fattest I’ve ever been. How could you let me out of the house looking this fat?”
Penny: “We didn’t have a choice!”
Brad: “It’s your body!”
  • Brad: “I used to think Michael Caine was perfect, until I met Grant.”

What did you think, Happy Enders – are you feeling the love for Grant? Did the new relationship ring true to you? (If no, just chillax).