Lost Girl recap – 1×02: ‘Where There’s A Will, There’s a Fae’

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Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) strike up the sexytime to help deal with her hunger “problem”. Oh wait…that was only the end of the episode? Sorry, I got distracted by MORE NUDITY. Plus we hit the bar and meet Trick (Richard Howland)!

Let’s bitch it out…Case of the week: A dirty, chunky Will-o’-the-Wisp (Richard McMillan) hires the girls to find his lost treasure. The episode feels like it was written with the Lucky Charms leprachaun in mind (I kept waiting for Will to do a little jig, but alas nada). I appreciated that Will is a memorable character and his fire-fart reactions brought out some good zingers in an exasperated Kenzi (Ksenia Solo). The narrative linkages between the son Connel (Elias Touflexis) searching for his delinquent father and Bo’s search for information on her birth mother are solid, albeit a tad obvious (see also: this week’s Once Upon A Time). On the whole, the case of the week was decent, kept our characters moving around and the father/son relationship was a nicely unexpected twist. Equally memorable: the introduction of headless assassins, the Doolahan (in whose demise Kenzi once again had a role to play, thereby earning her racing stripes).

Bo Personal development: “Thanks for the cock block” Bo tells Kenzi after the sidekick stops her from killing Connel’s neighbour. There’s still a lot of distrust between Bo and Dyson’s partner, Hale (K.C. Collins), who may have good reason considering Bo still doesn’t know how to feed without killing. The other important advancements? Trick and Dyson are in cahoots and know a great deal more about Bo than they’re letting on, including the knowledge that she’s an important, uncontrollable figure. We also learn that Bo is the product of two Fae parents, as you can’t have just one and still have powers.

Courtesy of Syfy and Showcase

Undercover Stints: Bo strikes out as both a flighty gem seeker and a motel maid (who did she think she was fooling with that terrible bowling shirt outfit?)

Kenzi Hair-o-meter: Our favourite sidekick starts the night off with bleached white bob/back mess before switching to her traditional black post-credits (are we meant to assume that the white is a wig that she removed after they shoplifted the 200 lbs end table?). Sidenote: Even Bo gets into the act with a blue streak.

Other Considerations:

  • Line of the night: Bo, surveying the bar: “Nice decor. Early Tolkien?” Trick: “Where do you think he got it from?” Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
  • It’s amusing to me that despite relying on the help of both Dyson (for medical experience) and Light doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer), Bo remains adamant that she won’t pick sides. It’s understandable that she wants to learn more about what exactly she’s stumbled into (isn’t there a guidebook for dummies?), but she’s pretty clearly siding with the Light in these early episodes.
  • Anyone else wish that Bo would be a bit more proactive in her Fae lessons? Why is she just waiting for others to tell her? Even Connel managed to find out more than her and he’s a human without connections to the Fae world!
  • Having your main character have to have sex to stay alive? Classic Canadian production, which always finds a way to sneak in the dirty stuff under the guise of plot and/or character development. The show is like skinemax with an actual plot and I loves it.

So what do we think, fellow Fae? Did the second episode live up to the potential from the pilot? I liked that this episode had a good mixture of action and character development and we got some more information about the rules governing the Light and the Dark. There are times when it feels like an exposition dump would be helpful, but if the show continues with a case of the week format that explores a new race each week, there are a lot worse ways to slowly tease out the backstory on both Bo and the Fae world. It should be fun to see what wacky creature they trot out next week. Until then…keep your soul-sucking in your pants (or mouth as it may be).

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2 thoughts on “Lost Girl recap – 1×02: ‘Where There’s A Will, There’s a Fae’

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  2. “Having your main character have to have sex to stay alive? Classic Canadian production”

    So true. And, as you wrote, kinda makes the show. The dirty old man in me loves the skin while the sci-fi/fantasy geek in me keeps wanting to see what creature they’ll encounter next. Wasn’t sold on this one at first, but now am a tad obsessed. (Easily done living north of the 49th, where tonight is the season two finale.)

    Glad to have been introduced to this site. Always like my reviews with a little snark.