Homeland recap – 1×08: ‘Achilles Heel’

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Last week’s episode of Homeland was off the chart epic. It was easily one of my favourite hours of television this year and will likely secure the show a place on my ‘best of’ list (coming in late December/early January). Continue reading

Homeland Recap – 1×07: ‘The Weekend’

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What a difference of a week makes: in the space of a single episode, Homeland once again completely changes directions. Although this week’s episode ‘The Weekend’ was less taunt than previous weeks when we focused on interrogations and polygraphs, there Continue reading

Homeland recap – 1×06: ‘The Good Soldier’

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It’s been an interesting few weeks on Homeland as the show has become something different now that Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and Nick Brody (Damian Lewis), the man she suspects of being a terrorist, are spending more time together. I Continue reading

Homeland recap- 1×05: Blind Spot

Homeland 1x5: Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes)

Previously on Homeland: Carrie (Claire Danes) had to take down the surveillance in Brody’s (Damian Lewis) home. Raquim Faisel was almost tailed back to his suburban house near the airport. Carrie followed Brody to a support group meeting and they Continue reading