Being Erica Recap – 4 x 11 “Dr. Erica” (Series Finale)

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It’s so hard to say good-bye isn’t it? Being Erica had what appears* to be its final episode last night, and true to how the rest of the season has gone, there were no huge reveals or mind-bending twists, but Continue reading

The Best of Being Erica

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Well viewers, we’ve reached that point – Being Erica has its very last episode tonight (sniff). I thought it was fitting (especially considering how uneven this season has been) to remind myself why I think Being Erica has been one Continue reading

Being Erica recap – 4×10: ‘Purim’

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Being Erica had a pretty strong comeback with its second last episode of the season. Yes viewers, thanks to my trusty PVR descriptors – I scrolled ahead to next week and saw that indeed episode 11, titled “Dr. Erica” is Continue reading

Being Erica Recap – 4×09 ‘Erica’s Adventures in Wonderland’

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It’s time to start the countdown folks. With only three more episodes to go in the series, this week’s episode of Being Erica attempts to clean up the sloppy mess the show has created for itself for the better part Continue reading

Being Erica recap – 4×08 – ‘Please, Please Tell Me Know’

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With just a few more episodes left in the series, Being Erica finally addressed some sticky issues regarding time travel and hinted at some of the rules of what the whole “doctor” process entails. Despite addressing the larger mythology questions Continue reading

Being Erica recap – 4×07: ‘Being Ethan’

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Judging by Being Erica’s latest episode, it looks like the show is falling into a very similar routine week after week this season. I’m disappointed seeing as these are the last few episodes of one of my favourite Canadian television Continue reading

Being Erica recap – 4×06: ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’

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It was a hit and miss episode this week as we wind down to the series finale of the hit CBC show. Re-living the events of your past in order to learn something about your present and better your future Continue reading