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cinephilactic is a university contract instructor in Film Studies. He is an avid TV watcher, particularly science-fiction, fantasy and drama series. His favourite shows currently airing on TV include The Good Wife, Breaking Bad, Justified, Hannibal, Game Of Thrones and a smattering of shows on The CW. He has a tendency to "hate-watch" particular shows and likes to think that his sarcastic voice comes through in his reviews, though sometimes he's just being bitchy

Quick Take review – Continuum 3×02: ‘Minute Man’

Liber8 questions Mayor Martin in 'Minute Man'

Kiera (Rachel Nichols) sets out to solve her own murder as Liber8 reunites and the new Mayor finds himself in a spot of trouble. Let’s bitch it out…

Justified review – 5×13: ‘Restitution’

Kendal (Jacob Lofland) and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) chat about their first kills in the season finale of Justified

Of all the times to be away for work, I had to miss the best episode of the season last week. Thankfully I’m back in time to tackle the season finale, though it’s more about things to come than anything Continue reading

Quick Take review – Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×17: ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’

Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Coulson (Clark Gregg) end up on the wrong side of HYDRA in 'Turn, Turn, Turn'

I’ve been meaning to check back in on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. for the last few episodes, but – like many viewers – I was particularly interested to see what happens considering the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Let’s bitch it Continue reading

Revenge review – 3×18: ‘Blood’


Everyone is getting into the REVENGE! business as the Graysons step up their efforts to take out their competitors. I sense a ranking list ahead. Let’s bitch it out…

Game Of Thrones review – 4×01: ‘Two Swords’

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) meets the Red Viper (X) in the season premiere of HBO's Game Of Thrones

After the interminable winter that North America has suffered through, it’s a relief to return to the world of Westeros where winter is still just a threat. That’s right, folks, television’s best epic fantasy series has returned! Let’s bitch it Continue reading

Quick Take review – Bitten 1×13: ‘Ready’

Elena (Laura Vandervoort) puts an end to Leblance (Thomas Caravaggio) in the season finale of Bitten

It’s season (series?) finale time on Bitten, which seems like a good time to discuss the show’s misogynistic tendencies. Let’s bitch it out…

Hannibal review – 2×06: ‘Futamono’

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal has the unique ability to make me marvel at its visual splendor even when it is gag-inducing.Typically this applies to the food preparation scenes, but this week it’s Hannibal’s (Mads Mikkelsen) sex life that has me dry-heaving. Let’s bitch Continue reading

Grimm review – 3×17: ‘Synchronicity’

Help arrives in the form of Mama Grimm

Mama Grimm returns to Grimm to escort the Royal baby back to Portland and her son. Unsurprisingly the reception is a little less than friendly. Let’s bitch it out…

Quick Take review – Continuum 3×01: ‘Minute By Minute’

Kiera (Rachel Nichols) jumps timelines in the season 3 premiere

The smartest sci-fi show on television returns with what amounts to a complete reboot of its central concept. Let’s bitch it out…

Revenge review – 3×17: ‘Addiction’

Holy big hair

Pascal, Pascal, Pascal! It’s all about Pascal (Olivier Martinez) as Revenge continues its third season. Unfortunately last week’s problems still apply. Let’s bitch it out… Does anyone remember when Revenge used to be fun? Like, “I can’t wait to see what happens Continue reading