About cinephilactic

cinephilactic is a university contract instructor in Film Studies. He is an avid TV watcher, particularly science-fiction, fantasy and drama series. His favourite shows currently airing on TV include The Good Wife, Breaking Bad, Justified, Hannibal, Game Of Thrones and a smattering of shows on The CW. He has a tendency to "hate-watch" particular shows and likes to think that his sarcastic voice comes through in his reviews, though sometimes he's just being bitchy

Grimm review – 4×22: ‘Cry Havoc’


The Grimm season finale brings death and destruction as the battle between Nick (David Giuntoli) and the Royals reaches its apex. Let’s bitch it out…

Arrow review – 3×23: ‘My Name Is Oliver Queen’


It’s May, so Starling City must be under attack! That’s right, folks. It’s Arrow season finale time. Let’s bitch it out…

The Flash review – 1×22: ‘Rogue Air’


It’s a jailbreak! A routine metahuman prisoner transport turns to ruin when plans go awry and five supercriminals escape. Let’s bitch it out…