Ringer recap – 1×09: ‘Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna’

Courtesy of The CW

Ringer is the television equivalent of a dysfunctional relationship: one week they’re taking you to the opera in your pretty red gown, the next they’re vandalizing your giant narcissistic glamour shot with the word ‘Bitch.’ Last week was a televisual Continue reading

Being Erica recap – 4×08 – ‘Please, Please Tell Me Know’

Courtesy of CBC

With just a few more episodes left in the series, Being Erica finally addressed some sticky issues regarding time travel and hinted at some of the rules of what the whole “doctor” process entails. Despite addressing the larger mythology questions Continue reading

Homeland Recap – 1×07: ‘The Weekend’

Courtesy of Showtime

What a difference of a week makes: in the space of a single episode, Homeland once again completely changes directions. Although this week’s episode ‘The Weekend’ was less taunt than previous weeks when we focused on interrogations and polygraphs, there Continue reading

He Said/She Said – The Walking Dead recap – 2×05: ‘Chupacabra’

Courtesy of AMC

Last week a talky episode brought out the naysayers who claimed that this second season of The Walking Dead has been heavy on soliloquies and light on action. ‘Chupacabra’ should help to satiate those feelings as the episode focused on Continue reading

Fringe recap – 4×06: ‘And Those We Left Behind’

Courtesy of Fox

Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) back and in full force this week as the team investigates time space anomalies popping up all around town. This week’s episode, although does little to advance the more immediate questions regarding where the heck Peter has Continue reading

Quick Take: The Secret Circle – 1×09: ‘Balcoin’

Courtesy of The CW

Somehow mid-season finales are already upon us as The Secret Circle winds down the first half of its inaugural season. The episode, named after main character Cassie Blake’s (Britt Robertson) original ancestral line, was a prime example of what the Continue reading